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How to Become a Powerseller in 90 Days
This eBook was written by Walutech, one of the most accomplished eBay Powersellers there is.
Achieve & Maintain a minimum feedback rating of 100... and a minimum of 98% total positive feedback
Establish a track record of consistent sales achievement
Maintain a minimum monthly average total of four (4) sold listings for the past three (3) months
Be an active seller for a minimum of three (3) months
Keep your account current - i.e. no overdue payments
Deliver responses to successful bidders within three (3) business days
Uphold the eBay community values
Have a good standing by complying with eBay listing policies
The author of this eBook has been involved in the eBay business for as long as I can remember. This eBook was written by Walutech, one of the most credible, experienced, and accomplished individual in the industry. For many years, this author has lived entirely off of his eBay business. eBay generates his main source of income. He has written this eBook to show you everything you need to become a successful eBay powerseller before you know it!
The author is one of the oldest powersellers in existence on eBay. He started his eBay business back when eBay hadn't even yet became mainstream, and is one of the very, very few who are still going strong in this business. With this eBook, he would like to now pass the knowledge onto you on how you can become a hugely successful eBay powerseller starting as early as tonight!
Excerpt from eBook:
Selling, however, isn't as easy as it may sound. I see inexperienced sellers giving up all the time. That's why I have written this eBook to help you sell, the right way. I have devised my own techniques on to how to get my items to sell extremely well. I will reveal to you all of my tips, tricks, secrets, and techniques on how to get your items to sell up to 10x times better than usual. My selling techniques and strategies are the sole reason why I'm able to do so well in this business. You will learn the exact dirty little tricks that I use to make my sales go through the roof every single day!
I will provide you with all of my knowledge and know-how in this business. I am one of the most experienced sellers you will ever find. The knowledge that I have learned from my entire lifetime of experience in this industry will be given to you. I will tell you everything you need to know about listing your items to get the maximum profits. You will learn all the tricks that I use to be even more successful than you think you'd ever thought possible!
The answer to when to list your items to receive maximum bids
The answer to where to list your items to get maximum exposure
How to list your items to maximize buyer interests
My amazing methods on how to promote your items to epic proportions
My dirty secrets on how to maximize sales and get my items to sell like hot-cakes every single time I list them!
My incredible marketing and advertising techniques that keeps my customers coming back for more again and again!
My most advanced selling techniques and strategies that I use to get buyers totally hooked every time!
How I've fired all my employees and replace them with automation softwares and tools that run my business by themselves!
How I became a powerseller in just 90 days, and how you can too! Guaranteed or your money back!
I started out on eBay as a personal buyer. Now, I am living entirely off of my eBay business alone for many years. Regardless if you are brand new to eBay, or a veteran user who knows-it-all, this eBook will competely change the way you look at eBay business. This is my life, my story of how I've become a veteran gold eBay Powerseller, and how you, too, can easily become one as well! Guaranteed!
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That's right! When you purchase this eBook, you are granted full resell rights. This means that you are free to resell this eBook on eBay or at any other place you wish for as much or as little as you want and keep 100% of the profits! What a way to start earning money! Or, you can also give it away to as many people you want!
What's a good way to increase sales? Throw in this eBook as a free bonus for all your listings. This will significantly increase buyer interests level and certainly increase your sales! This is an eBook that interests just about everybody! It covers the kind of topic that anyone from 9 year old to 99 year old would like to read about. Adding this eBook as a free bonus to your eBay items is a wonderful way to sky-rocket your sales!
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