Item Description
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Main Features:
(1) Get the target`s latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS, and check position on google earth/maps.
(2) Support GPRS data transmission.
(3) Support sending commands by computer
(4) Remote sending commands by GPRS server and SMS
(5) Auto Report position.
(6) Send the last location if the target enters into the blind area.
(7) Add or change Username and Password and Authorized number.
(8) Remote Monitoring and SOS function,and Two-way communication.
(9) Send a Geofence alert to the user when it breaches the restricted area.
(10) Send a movement alert to the user when it begins to move.
(11) Send an overspeed alert to the user when it moves exceed of the restricted speed.
(12) Send a low battery alert to the user if the battery is low.
(13) Send an alert of theft to the user automatically if the power be cut off or the vehicle be startup illegally.
(14) Send SMS to the unit to cut off the vehicle engine and circuit when someone startup the vehicle illegally in anywhere and anytime.
(1) GSM module: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
(2) GPS chipset: SIRF3
(3) GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
(4) GPS Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz
(5) GPS accuracy: 5-25meter
(6) Speed Accuracy: 0.1 meter/second
(7) Time Accuracy: Synchronous to GPS
(8) Default Data: WGS-84
(9) Hot Start: 1second
(10) Cold Start: 38 second
(11) Max ASL: 18000 meter
(12) Max Speed: 515meter/second
(13) Gravitational Acceleration: 4g
(14) Working Temperature: -20---65
(15) Working Humidity: 5%---95%
(16) Voltage: 10Vj25V
(17) Power Supply: 10Vj25V
(18) Stand-by average current: 80MA
(19) LED: LED indicates the GPS, GSM,working status and other status
(20) Alarm Switch: SOS
(1) GSM tracker for Vehicle 1ps
(2) GPS anternna 1pcs
(3) GSM anternna 1pcs
(4) Harness 1pcs
(5) 6 pin Plug 1pcs
(6) Relay 1pcs
(7) Detailed user manual 1 set