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Product parameters:
● Model: # 901 (focusable)
● Material: hard aluminum
● Exterior Finish: black anodized
● Switching mode: long bright switch
● Battery: 18650
● Wavelength: 532nm
● Power 500mw,
● Range: 5000 meters
● Operating voltage: DC3.0-3.7V
● optimum operating temperature: 15 ℃ ~ +35 ℃
● Dimensions: 145mm × Flashlight Φ25mm
The 500MW green laser, focusing relaxed after cigarette. Point matches. Burst balloons, night effects become prominent, the beam apparent range of 5,000 meters above Note: handheld laser products not long bright summer generally continuous light 30 seconds so shut it on again, it is a good product for longer life.
1 aviation aluminum alloy, durable; beautiful appearance novel!
2 external focus, convenient and adjustable light beam thickness, spot size (focusing very convenient);
3.18650 battery, large capacity, easy to buy, continued a long time;
4 tail switch design, press the power-lit, and then click Close;
5 Imports LD as well as accessories, increased service life, 8,000 hours or more;
6 built-in laser module to improve cooling devices, board collecting protection design (for the current laser circuit boards for defects excellent transformation).
How to use:
One would unscrew the back cover of laser flashlight.
2 would be a 18650 battery negative outward (switching office) placement, positive inward (Idemitsu verbal portion) and then tighten the back cover is good.
3 laser flashlight turned on, turn the focusing head, spot larger, in the light beam is formed near the mouth of the focus, the greater the focus away from the spot light exit closer, this time to find the focus can burn things up (NOTE: Focus range of movement on the beam is limited, so novices may focus sometimes can not find the exact ignition, need to pay more familiar oh).
4 When the spot is the minimum time, this time for the parallel light beam can not burn things.
5 for a long time when not in use, remove the batteries.

Color Classification (package) Description:
. An electric charge: that a battery (18650) + a charger (universal charge) + a laser flashlight