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Dao ma zei (1986) THE HORSE THIEF - Directed by Tian Zhuangzhuang

Set against the breathtaking landscape of Tibet, Horse Thief tells the story of Norbu, a man banished from his clan for stealing horses to support his family. Living as outcasts, the family continues its religious practice, even in the face of tragedy, and eventually returns to beg re-acceptance from their clan. This simple story unfolds by way of mesmerizing cinematography and hypnotic images of Tibetan rituals, a unique cinematic experience
that transports audiences to an otherworldly place and time. Although this is a Chinese production, it achieves a rare insight into the Tibetan culture. Martin Scorsese declared this critically acclaimed masterpiece to be the best film he had seen in the 1990s, a high honor indeed. Director Tian Zhuangzhuang is one of the major figures
amongst China's Fifth Generation filmmakers, but his controversial subjects later caused him to receive a 3-year film-making ban from the Chinese government. Horse Thief challenges the viewer with an unexplained and unexplainable "otherness". The analogy to the film-maker's own predicament becomes clear: Investigating the Tibetan horse thief, an outlaw from a "minority" nation, takes on the trappings of a view of the film-maker's own sense of self and otherness, rather than a call for a "free" Tibet or an enlightened, subdued, "revolutionary"
Tibet. The film is really an aesthetic search for a new way of depicting all of China, and a visual call for a reinvention of Chinese cinema. Mandarin dialog, with optional English or Chinese subtitles. Widescreen.

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