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We can make different kind of racing replica designs and other special painting schemes.
We do custom design! If you do not like the paint style in the photos just you can contact us and tell us the style you like then we paint as your requests.

If you need different color or similar items, you could contact us and we will send many more designs for your choice or you could send the design you want via DHgate`s outbox, we`ll make the fairing kit according to your design.
Product Description

• Brand New Aftermarket Fairings Set
• Holes are pre-drilled for easier installation
• 100% made of high quality ABS plastic (not PVC) to guarantee a longer life time.
• Feel Free to contact us for getting more photos and bigger photos of this product!

Explained of Our Factory Fairing Manufacturing Process:

Injection Moulding

This is the most commonly used plastic moulding proces for making parts from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials.
Plastic is placed into a heated chamber and melted.
Then the melted plastic is injected through a nozzle into the mould cavity and once it is full, constant pressure is applied to allow for material shrinkage.
Then the plastic cools and hardens in the mould.
To reduce the risk of weak spots using this process, the part to be made must have its thickness kept uniform throughout.
Most OEM and aftermarket plastic fairing kits are made like this.

Handcrafted Compression Moulding

This is high-volume, high pressure moulding method and is a lot cheaper than injection moulding.
Not much material is wasted: good for working with expensive materials.
The plastic(generally preheated) is pun into a heated metal mould cavity and pressure is applied(normally via a hydraulic ram) to force the plastic into contact with all of the mould's areas.
Heat and pressure are maintained until the plastic cures.


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