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Home to Roost is a British television sitcom produced by Yorkshire Television . Written by Eric Chappell , it starred John Thaw as Henry Willows and Reece Dinsdale as his 18-year-old son Matthew.

The premise is that Henry Willows is forty-something, who has been divorced from his wife for seven years and is perfectly happy living alone. That is, until his eldest child, Matthew arrives to live with him, after being thrown out by his mother. The plots generally revolved around Henry's annoyance at having his solitude disturbed, and the age gap clash. Henry employed two cleaners throughout the show's life; first Enid Thompson, and, in the third season, Fiona Fennell.

The show's theme tune was Lionel Bart 's "Consider Yourself" ("at home, Consider yourself one of the family...") from Oliver! It was arranged in a jazz style by Peter Knight.

The series was later repeated on Channel 4 , and ITV3 . All 29 episodes have now been released on DVD by Network DVD . A US remake of the series, You Again? , was less successful and lasted just one year.

  • Henry Willows - (John Thaw) Henry is an old man who lives by himself, however when his son, Matthew, turns up on his door step, expecting to waited on hand and foot, his life is turned around for ever.
  • Matthew Willows - (Reece Dinsdale) Matthew is a sixteen year old who always gets himself into trouble, he is obsessed with teenage girls and spending money.
  • Enid Thompson - ( Elizabeth Bennett ) Enid is Henry's cleaner, they get into a lot of trouble, in one episode Henry and her try to steam open a letter adressed to Matthew, when Matthew enters, the microwave goes ping, he takes the letter out and there is a scene about thei fiasco.
  • Fiona Fennell - Joan Blackham
  • Julie Willows - Rebecca Lacey  

  Series 1

First transmitted: 19 April 1985 - 31 May 1985

  • A New Life
  • Bad Apples
  • All you Need is Love
  • Suspect
  • Dating Henry
  • Small Change
  • The Way We Were

Series 2

First transmitted: 5 September 1986 - 17 October 1986

  • Protest
  • Open House
  • Plastic Dreamworld
  • Acting Out
  • The Test
  • Any Questions?
  • Julie

Series 3

First transmitted: 14 October 1987 - 5 December 1987

  • Human Interest
  • Success Story
  • High Spirits
  • The Real Thing
  • Crimewatch
  • Getting On
  • Paper Chase


First transmitted: 27 December 1987

  • Family Ties

Series 4

First transmitted: 1 December 1989 - 19 January 1990

  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Front Runner
  • The Boyfriend
  • Thought For The Day
  • Return to Clagthorpe
  • High Noon
  • Leaving


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