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''Alone and on stage with Marlene Dietrich''

Here is an exclusive art work from renown French artist and fashion  illustrator Mudd with a depiction of glamourous Marlene Dietrich in glittering Haute Couture fashion gown.12inx18in.






Ken Mudd is an innovative Artist for the art, fashion and entertainment market who is widely recognized for his sleek, elegant silhouettes, with their mesmerizing sensuality, his figures have enabled him to capture an audience's attention and has created an attitude that stirs the soul.


The combination of Mudd 's artistic creativity and market sense has already brought him international recognition. Such experiences have been earned while covering collections from 1985-1989. Designers include Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix, Patou, Hermes, Madame Grès, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and an array of renowned designers. Shows from France, Italy, and Germany include the Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter. Art exhibitions in Paris include "Les Bains", "Le Palace", "Studio A", "Majestic Café";

 Art Exhibitions from 1989- 1992 "Vertigo", "Arena" in Los Angeles;


from 1992-2007  Covering the Paris Fashion shows for The Parisian Diary , Art Exhibitions in Paris "l'Association d'Entraide du Ministère de l'Education Nationale", "Diesel Paris Showroom" and the Hottest  Clubs in Paris, include Les Bains,"Le Palace","Folie's Pigalles", "Le Cirque", "Cristal Palace", restaurants incluse "star Café", "Palais Cardinal", "Le Kaïs Savanne", Au Rocher de Cancale, La Table Ronde, Le Divin, thé Café-Théâtre "Les Déchargeurs" Le Trésor, and a Portrait "Double-Page" in "Oblo", a cultural Bimensuel. Mudd has also designed invitation for some of Paris big fashion party events.


His eccentric alluring fashion illustrations have already brought about editorial success within selected issues of magazine publications such as "Taxi", "The Los Angeles Book", "In fashion", "New Woman", "Details", "Detour", "Modern Salon", "Gunnar International", Now, "Haute", "Best," and "l'Officiel, "Libération news paper.  The artist's special attention is given to the selection of sophisticated lines, color and stylized graphics that create a signature Mudd  "Femme Fatale" image. Mudd has also managed to captivate the "Parisian Ambiance" in an exclusive post card collection, now working on a new series and a "Personal Star Signature Painting", which include Jeanne Moreau, Elizabeth Taylor, Prince, Madonna,  Janise Dickinson, Iman and Jerry Hall.


 Mudd has worked directly with "La Mode en Image", Carita Paris, Alexandre Zouari Paris where Alexander Zouari used his work to advertise his salon and the same ad to decorate all of the huge windows surrounding his Paris salon. And also for singer Karyn White CD-single cover “Walkin the Dog”, as well as her Concert Tour Program in 1993, a David & Scott advertising commercial for television for Designer-Labels outlet; Advertising adds for New York and Los Angeles designers Mark Eisen and William B. fashion sketches for Absolut Vodka for designer, Richard Tyler of "Tyler Trafficate of Los Angeles / New-York"; T-shirt designed for Modern-Salon, a T-shirt designed exclusively for Spiegel; a Five year campaign for NeoStyle glasses and Sunglasses which included magazine advertising, Neostyle Watches and T-shirt line; Redken Laboratories used his work for their magazine and for various fashion displays during their hair shows. The Promenade Mall in Woodland Hills California used his illustrations for their campaign, for advertising and mural-paintings throughout the Mall.


Ken Mudd is planning to bring more success to his art with the "new" and the "unexpected" on a regular basis to maintain his unique style.





   "Glamour is what I sell; it's my stock in the trade."

 Marlene Dietrich

Born : Maria Magdalene von Losch In : Berlin Germany December 1901 Died : May 6,1992 at 5 :30 pm

Marlene will always rest as a creature an object of sublime fantasy, A fantasy for the German directors fascinated by Hollywood .Her silhouette the long beautiful sophisticated legs, her mouth drawn in red ,the look through her false eyelashes, and a voice that lured you to look and listen to her .She was an illustration of pure Hollywood glamour ."The Woman Fatal". The Director Von Sternberg made a remarkable series of films that centered on Marlene Dietrich obsessed by what he had created he played with the lighting to create and show her as a legend in his movies. She could wear gowns that other women if they were to wear them would look completely ridicule in them .But Marlene could and did. She could create a look of wearing men's styled suits that created a fashion statement of real class.

Some of her memorable movies include, 1933 Blue Angel, 1934 Morocco ( starring Gary Cooper), 1935 Shanghai Express (starring Gary Cooer), 1936 Blonde Venus, 1937 The Scarlet Empress, 1938 The Devil is a Woman, 1944 Kismet, 1957 A Touch of Evil (starring Orson Welles, Charlston Heston), 1961 Judgement at Nuremberg ( starring Spencer Tracey Montgomery Clift), 1978 Just a Gigolo (starring David Bowie).