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Hitachi Magic Wand (for Massage, Head and Neck Massage, Full Body Massage)
The Hitachi Magic Wand HV-250R is a standout device because of its ease of use, simple design and effective technique. The soft, spherical head of the Hitachi Wand gives a comforting vibration when you place it against your body, easing tension. One-handed operation and a 2-speed switch lets you control the strength of vibration. With a strong motor and electrical plug, you can have consistent vibration for extended periods. The Hitachi Magic Wand is durable.

Product Highlights:
•The Hitachi Magic Wand has been a premiere massager for over 30 years.
•A two speed switch lets you determine your level of vibration. Those speeds are 5000 rpm (low speed) and 6000 rpm (high speed).
•The strong electric motor can last for as long as you desire.
•The slender ergonomic design lets you use the Hitachi with one hand.
Hitachi Magic Wand
1 box - 1 magic wand.
The Hitachi Magic Wand is the Cadillac of massagers. The power that comes with the Wand is enough to make a person very happy! This is the massager for any tense spot on the body!
The is a massager and a sex toy – these are the two main functions of the Hitachi magic wand. First, as a massager, it can be used to massage muscles to relieve yourself from stress and tension that you are feeling due to doing lots of hard work throughout the day. This device is also good to aid the treatment of recuperating muscles and bones from injuries.
The Magic Wand first made its debut in the early 1970s and gained alot of popularity because of the durability and great pleasure this little device causes!!!
This magic wand comes with a low and a high speed switch for a comfortable soothing vibration to a crazy rabbit vibration. The low setting is usually all people need but some can handle the High speed and love it the most.The Hitachi magic wand massager can also be used as a sex toy or a vibrator. This will make sexual activities more fun and stimulating. With this device, people will have the chance to still activate their sex life, or improve their sex life. The Hitachi magic wand is usually 12 inches long. When it touches women’s clitoris, it can give a powerful sensation and which can lead to orgasm. When it is used, it should touch the women’s skins at the side of the clitoris and the vaginal opening. You can use it at a desired speed and at a desired pattern. If people use this as a sex toy, it is advisable to use this with lubrication to make things nice and slippery, adding to the satisfaction.The Hitachi Magic Wand (HV-250R) is an electric, mains-powered vibrating muscle massager, manufactured by well-known Japanese manufacturing firm Hitachi. It first appeared on the North American market in the 1970s, and gained notoriety due to its use in the pornography industry.The stated use of the Magic Wand is for soothing and relaxing sore muscles and nerves, relieving tension, and rehabilitation after sports injuries. Anecdotally, it has been claimed that intensive vibrating massage provides increased blood supply to injured areas and thus regenerate the tissues and release pain; in this sense, massage is a form of physical therapy.Muscle and bone stimulation is provided by the rubberised, 2.5" head of the device; it is attached to the main body of the massager via a flexible neck. Owing to its popularity, various aftermarket attachments, differing in colour, pattern of studs, and material, are available to purchase. Out of the box, the massager provides two vibration rates, controlled by a rocker switch on its body: 5,000 and 6,000 rpm. However, an aftermarket accessory is available to provide a continuously variable speed selector for finer control.[1]However, the Magic Wand is far more famous for its use as a sex toy: when used in this capacity, it is usually applied to the vulvar area or anus for erotic stimulation and can be used by both sexes, jointly and separately. Some physicians recommend it for women to increase genital sensitivity and enhance arousal. Its effectiveness as a masturbation aid, especially for women, has been widely publicised by a variety of writers in that sphere, most notably Betty Dodson.[2][3]The use of Hitachi magic wand massager can really improve a person’s sex life and he/she will also have a tool which can help him/her relax and get relieved from stress

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