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Introducing one of our highest quality pieces. The Hi Si
420 inverted double chambered honey comb with a honey comb diffuser
downstem. Enjoy...this is absolutely one of the best diffuser
tubes in the business. The bubbles? I've tested out the
honey comb diffuser against the 18-holed Roar diffuser and I'd have
to say...the honey comb is far better in terms of creating bubbles
at the beaker's base. Even the bowl is HOLED diffused!!!!
Important stats:
1. Height = 18"
2. Thickness = 7mm
3. Diameter - 50mm
4. Standard Joints are 14.4mm (can convert to 18.8mm upon
5. Material = High Grade Borosilicate Glass
6. Comes complete with SICK Honeycomb diffuser downstem
and 14.4mm HOLED DIFFUSED bowl. (note: ashcatcher not
included - additional $65 to add depending upon availability)
7. Honeycomb diffuser downstem converts joint from 18.8mm
to 14.4mm
UPGRADE: Add a v-arm ashcatcher for $65 for that additional
perculation step!
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