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What's included: - Everything in the pictures- 1 Pump HHO Water Pump Heavy Duty This is a heavy duty 12v constant pump to help you circulate the water for your HHO Hydrogen Generator's Dry Cell unit High performance heavy duty pump Power 25wattTakes no more than 5Amp at full speed Produce no less than 1400 Litter Per Hour (at least 390 Gallons per Hour) Measures: 16x7cm (6.3x2.8inches) Diameter of the "In & Out" holes is: 1.8cm (0.7inches) Please see my other auctions for the Radiator and or the Full cooling kit this auction is for the PUMP only Q: Why do I need neutral plates?A: Neutral plates divide the voltage per plate. A good range is about 2-2.4v MAX per plate anything more than 2.4v will create heat. Now your car will produce 12-14.5v so if you run your cell at 12v you will need to use 4 neutral plates to get it down to 2.4v per plate now if you use 5 it will just lower the per plate gap, it would be 2.0v. This is for optimum performance and long lasting runs without overheating. Please see the voltage chart. Be sure to use a PWM(Pulse Width Modulator) so you wont damage your cell for long runs a PWM at 100% as if you didnt have a PWM. But now you can turn it down to reduce the amount of volts you are supplying to you Cell. You can set-up the neutral plates in any way you like, less neutral plates between the Pos and Neg would be good for short operations in form of time and at lower volts.       PAYMENT: - We accept PayPal and MoneyBookers - The faster payment is made, the faster you'll receive your item. - Please pay within 7 days (or NPB will be filled) SHIPPING - Please allow 1-3 business days after payment is received for the unit to be shipped out - Please allow 14-16 days for delivery - We ship worldwide - Shipping will be made FROM EUROPE via AirMail with tracking Payments & Shipping: - PayPal - Please pay within 7 days (or NPB will be filled) - Please allow 3-5 days after payment is received for the unit to be shipped out - Please allow 14-21 days for delivery - We ship worldwide - Shipping will be made FROM EUROPE  About: Please, feel free to google the fallowing for info U.S. Department of Transportation Final report 2007: Guidelines for Use of Hydrogen in Commercial Vehicles NASA's Research paper on HHO back in 1969: NASA-TN-D-8487 Sciencedaily April 2009: Water Acts As Catalyst In Explosives Join The HHO Revolution: HHOGames Alternative Energy Show and Tell: International HHO Institute:Use of hydrogen as a supplemental fuel to gasoline engine will increase performance. Adding hydrogen to gasoline can reduce exhaust emissions, both hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. As well as increase engine efficiency due to accelerated flame speed and combustion rate. Since Hydrogen gas is extreamly flameble it will burn your gasoline more efficiently resulting in more power and more MPG. Terms & Conditions:- Ask all necessary questions before bidding, so that you are perfectly clear on what you are buying before you bid! - We offer exchange or money back if you are not satisfied with your purchase if the product is returned to us! - Shipping and handling fee is non-refundable! - By bidding on this auction you acknowledge that this is an Experimental fuel cell and you assume ALL risks! - By bidding on this auction you agree not to hold the manufacturer and seller liable for ANY cost or damage arising either directly or indirectly form the use of the product. - This fuel cell is an electrolysis unit and while combined with water, and energized with electricity, will produce Hydrogen & Oxygen! Hydrogen is an extremely volatile flammable gas! Use Extreme Caution at all times! - Igniting Hydrogen WILL cause an explosion and can cause Property Damage, Serious Bodily Injury or even Death! - Keep Hydrogen away from any sort of Ignition Source. Such as, but not limited to; Spark, Flame, Heat, Static, Etc. - There is also a risk of Spontaneous Combustion! - In no event will the manufacturer or seller be liable for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (Including but not limited to; Damages for loss of Profits, Business Interruption, Loss of Time, Bodily Damage, Property Damage or even Death. - This IS an experimental product and you must do your OWN research on its uses, and proper safety while using it.