Item Description
Product Status : Herbal Toothpaste

Type : Dental Care

Main Ingredients : Sodium, Marl, Camphor, Cloves and other herbs for Anti-bacteria and gum cleansing
Weight : 87 grams
Size : 2 tubs of 25 grams
Ideal For :

Cleaning teeth, cleansing mouth and gums, Treating halitosis, removes tobacco, tea and coffee stains, helps with gingivitis. Excellent for sensitive teeth.

*FREE Quality Toothbrush while stocks last* (Maximum 1 per order - The color of the toothbrush may differ from that in the photo).

Two 25g tubs of excellent clove toothpaste at a great price.

Oil of cloves is a natural anti-bacterial agent. It not only cleans your teeth, but also fights tooth decay and gum disease without toxic chemicals. Tastes great and really good for sensitive teeth.

Toothpaste & Chemicals : Did you know that most commercial brands of toothpaste use chemicals and additives that may be toxic in large doses. Some of the ingredients used should be cause for concern, as the long term use of these chemicals is questionable. Chemicals used in commercial brands include;

Fluoride : One of the most common ways fluoride is made is by filtering airborne industrial waste given off by fertilizer producers.

Saccharin : An artificial sweetener used in toothpaste, mouthwash and lipstick. Lab rats developed bladder cancer after being given this substance in high doses. The FDA still lists it as a possible carcinogen.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) : SLS is used as a detergent and helps make the toothpaste foam. It is a known skin irritant and some people are very allergic to this chemical. SLS is believed to cause or aggravate canker sores in those prone to such irritations.

Most western toothpaste has a whole list of chemical additives. Often so many the manufacturers have to make the print tiny so they can get them all on the box. This product really is 'back to basics'. No chemicals = no toxins for your body to regret for the rest of the day.

A personal recommendation from Michael - "Every time we get a new consignment of this product in, I 'borrow' a couple of tubs and stash them in the bathroom cabinet. Call it, 'a prolonged product analysis' ;) . The reason is I just love the stuff. As I've gotten older, I've become more and more anti-chemical additive. Many of the toothpastes over here are much cleaner (far less chemical additives) than most of those used in the west. Chemical companies in the west are far more influential than they are in say, Asia. And I'm talking particularly about those brand name companies who advertise consistantly in the media. They have traded the best of quality herbs for names we cannot pronounce without taking several breaths, and consulting the Google toxic waste file. Personally, I find this clove toothpaste really refreshing, and the essence of herbs keeps my mouth fresh for much longer than a normal paste. I save it for those mornings when I need a real wake-up bite to refresh my mouth. And it's great for those occasions when I've overdone the garlic the night before, and I have a meeting where I'd rather not greet my associate with a breath-bomb. Try it! Use it every day in place of your usual paste, or occasionally, as I do".
No added chemicals.