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Herb Abrams founded the UWF in 1990 with hopes of returning professional wrestling back to its roots. He signed top stars such as Paul Orndorff, Steve Williams, Bam Bam Bigelow, Don Muraco, Bob Orton, Jr., Brian Blair, Danny Spivey, Billy Jack Haynes, Ken Patera, Colonel DeBeers, David Sammartino, Ivan Koloff, Bob Backlund, and Cactus Jack.

Abram's UWF on ESPN Vol. 1

David Perry vs Viper #2

Nightstalker vs Johnny Kid

Helmut Hessler vs Jeff Husker

Jimmy Valiant Comments

Jimmy Valiant vs Viper #2

Steve Williams vs Robbie Allen

Larry Zbysco Comments

Bob Orton Jr. vs Stephen DeLeon

Cactus Jack/Albano, Blair & Honey Bee Comments

Brian Blair vs Louie Spicolli

Bob Orton Jr. vs Midnight Star

Ivan Koloff vs Jake Steel

Wet & Wild vs Kid & DeGeorge

Bob Orton Jr. Comments

Col. DeBeers vs Rikki Ataki

Don Muraco vs Terry Cooley

Brian Blair vs Louie Spicolli

Jr. James vs David Perry

Ivan Koloff vs Steve Ray

Paul Orndorff vs Rikki Ataki

Paul Orndorff - Steve Williams Confrontation

Billy Jack Comments

Billy Jack vs Spitball Patterson

Cpt. Lou's Corner: Brian Blair & Honey Bee

Dan Spivey vs Brian Blair

Steve Williams Comments
Abram's UWF on ESPN Vol.2

Billy Jack vs Gary Keyes

Ken Patera vs Rikki Ataki

Paul Orndorff vs Matt Star

Ivan Koloff vs Nakita Koloff

Paul Orndorff vs Grappler

Steve Williams Comments

Cpt. Lou's Corner: John Tolos

Nakita Koloff Comments

Nakita Koloff vs Spitball Patterson

Col. DeBeers/Billy Jack Haynes Comments

Col. DeBeers vs Billy Jack Haynes

Col. DeBeers attacks Ref

Iceman Comments

Barry Horowitz vs Sunny Beach

Pez Whatley vs Vladimir Koloff

Ivan Koloff vs Matt Star

Don Muraco vs Intern

Steve Ray vs Blue Knight

Col. BeBeers vs Louie Spicolli

Iceman save Ref. Sanders

Bob Orton Jr. vs Sunny Beach

Steve Ray - Cactus Jack Confrotation

Cactus Jack vs Don Muraco
Abram's UWF on ESPN Vol.3

Deathrow 3260 vs Nightstalker

Cpt. Lou's Corner: Steve Ray

Steve Ray vs Helmut Hessler

Blackhearts vs Firecat & Cooper

Power Twins vs Killer Bees

Bob Orton Jr. vs Kevin Benjamin

Paul Orndorff vs Spitball Patterson - Doc Run In

Cpt. Lou's Corner: Steve Williams

Paul Orndorff Comments

Bob Orton Jr. vs Sonny Blaze

Paul Orndorff vs Chris Michaels

Cpt. Lou's Corner: Iceman Parsons

Col. DeBeers vs Iceman Parsons

Steve Williams vs Mike Durham

Cpt. Lou's Corner: Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack vs Mike Williams

Bob Orton Jr. vs Brian Blair - S. Ray Save

Steve Williams/Paul Orndorff Comments
Abram's UWF on ESPN Vol.4

Blackhearts vs Wolfe & Kirshner

Lynx vs Mr. V

Blair, Bigelow & Orndorff vs Zukov, Orton & Brooks

Brian Blair vs Bob Orton Jr. - Tolos & Albano Run in

Bruno Sammartino Comments

David Sammartino vs Ivan Koloff

Keeper & Animal vs Nightmare & Laurie

Cpt. Lou's Corner: Boris Zukov

Super Ninja vs Tongo - Mr. Red Trys to Splash Tongo

Mr. Red � Herb Abrams Confrontation

Blackhearts vs Steve Ray & Firecat

Steve Ray vs Louie Spicolli

Sunny Beach vs Mike Williams

Cpt. Lou's Corner:Greg Valentine

Steve Williams Comments

Paul Orndorff vs Steve Williams - Big Brawl

UWF Beach Brawl
Boris Zuhkov vs Paul Samson
The Blackhearts (Apocalypse and Destruction) (with Luna Vachon) vs Fire Cat and Jim Cooper
Terry Gordy vst Johnny Ace
Mask Confusion (Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell) vs The Power Twins (Larry and David Power)
Rockin' Robin vs Candi Devine - UWF Women's Title
Paul Orndorff vs Col. DeBeers Strap match
Steve Ray and Sunny Beach vs Cactus Jack and Bob Orton, Jr. (with John Tolos)
Steve Williams vs Bam Bam Bigelow - UWF Title

Abram's Blood, Sweat & Bruises
Billy Jack Haynes vs Ken Patera
Lou Albano w/Andre The Giant
Bob Orton Jr vs Sunny Beach
Cactus Jack vs Don Muraco
Orndorff - Steve Williams Feud
Paul Orndorff vs Steve Williams Cage Match
Cactus Jack vs Jimmy Snuka Clip
Expose on Pro Wrestling