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Pure Hemp oil

Pure Hemp Oil, great for massage.
8 Oz

Unrefined Help oil from ?
Our oil is perfect for massage, toiletry, & other personal compounding needs. Pure Unrefined, Hemp Oil is one of the best oils you will ever find and use. Hemp oil is LOADED with good stuff your body, mind and spirit need for healthy living. Its uses have been documented back to ancient China.
It contains the perfect 1:3 ratio of Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids including 2-4% GLA. Has a very rich sunflower / walnut flavor. Is cold pressed, extra virgin. Hemp seed oil is even recognized by the World Health Organization as a natural anti-oxidant and source for the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).
Pure unrefined Hemp Oil comes from the hemp plant or cannabis plant. For a complete breakdown of what all is in hemp seed oil click here
It is the choice oil to be added to massage lotions- or use it by itself. Pure Hemp Oil is great for sensitive skin due to its moisturizing properties. It is even used in lip balms, creams and lotions.
When used in soapmaking, usage levels should be no more than 12% by weight.
Regarding picture- Bottle on right is HEMP. Bottle on Left is Jojoba Oil. Picture is for illustration.

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