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Super cute 3D deco Hello
kitty pillbox! Use to hold your vitamins or after tea
mints. I even use mine to hold lipgloss/lipstick and apply
with a lip brush. Approx size 6.5cm x 4.3cm
Each are carefully
handcrafted with all things cute and sweet like cupcakes, ice
cream, lollipops, bunnies, faux pearls and high quality
rhinestones. I take pride in my work and give careful attention to
detail and fill all spaces so that you don't have huge gaps
inbetween the decos.
Everything is secured in place with
industrial strength adhesive however you should still treat this
beauty with care and not let it scratch around in your handbag
against keys and other abrasive things.
Please allow 2-3 days after
payment received to be made and shipped. As these are handmade no
two items will be exactly alike but close to 95% of what's shown.
If a deco which was shown on the case is sold out then I will
replace with a similar deco. There might be slight variations to
the colour which result from individual monitor settings and
lighting when the picture was taken. Also the arrangements of the
decos and rhinestones will differ slightly from one piece to the
next so yours will be unique. Please keep this into consideration.
No returns accepted on made to order items so choose