Item Description
HeatPac Personal Heat System
Also known as the Charcoal Vest

A Hypothermia Treatment Device for Search and Rescue Teams, Ski Patrol, Cave Survival, animals, pets and veterinary applications, and
many other personal heat requirements

Made by Heatpac / Brand New In Original Packaging

Normally sells for $995.00

HeatPac is a compact, lightweight charcoal-fueled heat generator developed by the Norwegian Army. It is a versatile, charcoal-fueled heater that provides a circulation of warm air in clothing, mattresses, rescue bags, ski patrol sleds and many other cold-weather applications.

The HEATPAC Personal Heater is designed as a self-contained heat source for warming persons, medical supplies, or equipment in cold or sub-zero temperatures. It is the best device on the market today that operates independently of an external power source.

The heater can be used to provide thermal protection to patients in a cold climate or during transportation, and can be used to re-warm hypothermia patients.
HeatPac solves these cold weather problems and more:
Provides warmth under ski parkas or winter clothing.
Provides warmth for hunters and outdoor utility workers.
Warms handicapped during cold outdoor activities.
Heats sleeping bags.
Heats Wheel Chairs
Provides warmth for victims in rescue operations.
Provides warmth for animals, pets and veterinary applications.
Provides warmth for ski accident patients.
Re-warms immersed persons.
Dries boots and clothing.
Protects cold-sensitive medicines.
Protects IV solutions in sub-zero weather.
Reusable Units that last and last.

• Compact, lightweight, and portable
• Safe to use indoors
• Uses a standard D-cell battery
• Made of tough break-resistance plastic
• Uses charcoal fuel elements as fuel source
• Comes with non-collapsible heat distribution tubes to wrap around a patient or supplies
• Produces 250 watts of heat for 8.12 hours on a single charcoal fuel element
• Optional protective case available to reduce the risk of accidental damage and to increase operating efficiency

Kit Comes Complete With:
1 Personal Heater / $525.00 Value
1 Set of Distribution Tubes / $235.00 Value
1 Box of 7 Charcoal Elements / $235.00 Value

Everything you need to make someone's day warm, and maybe even save a life!

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