Item Description
Universal HDMI 1.4 to Micro HDMI Type D Cable 3 FT (42gbps)

This HDMI 1.4 to Micro Type D Cable allows you to connect your compatible smartphone or device to your HD Television via HDMI. Watching and streaming HD video and media from your smart phone is possible with high speed data transfer speeds and multi-channel digital audio. This is a must have accessory!

Male Micro HDMI (type D) to Male HDMI
3 Feet Long
The latest in HDMI technology with version 1.4 certified (42gbps)
Full 19-pin array
Gold Plated Connectors
Compatible with: Devices using a micro HDMI type D connection, some include:
Motorola Droid X
Nokia N8
Acer Liquid Stream
Sony Ericsson Xpreia XT