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The Harmonic balancer is no longer made for this car, not
original, nor afternarket. The old balancers have to be
rebuilt. This balancer when last sold by Jaguar had a list
price of $990.00 and sold for about $661.00 average. We are
currently only one of three parts houses stocking units
already rebuilt. This saves a week of down time getting your
car up and running again.
The harmonic balancer, also known as the main
engine pulley, has a useful lifespan of approximately 12 years.
Anytime after then, the rubber mounting between the two pieces is
subject to de-lamination failure. The area at the front of the
engine is subject extreme heat. This daily heating of the rubber
slowly makes the rubber brittle and eventually, failure results.
Parts like this should be replaced and not driven into the failure
mode. Being stranded beside the road (with no replacement part
readily available) can also cause other damage, possibly including
the radiator. An old part will usually fail without notice. A
failed unit makes a squealing noise (but not always) much like a
slipping belt. Also the alternator will read a lower voltage (much
like a failing alternator) sometimes. The smart thing to do is be
pro active. If your car is over 12 years old, replace this part
now. This unit is guaranteed as long as you own the car!