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NOTE: Also available , 2002 Cowboys, 2007 Kansas City Chiefs, 2008 Dallas Cowboys, 2009 Cincinnati Bengals, 2010 New York Jets, 2013 Bengals(Standard DVD), 2014 Falcons (blu-ray or standard dvd)..
All are 2 DVD sets (5 episodes). Please inquire or ask a question if you want a different year than 2012 Dolphins

If you are an NFL American Football fan, then you know that the series Hard Knocks is must watch viewing even if your team is not featured. For the upcoming 2012 season the Miami Dolphins are profiled. Watch all the drama as star receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson arrives and then is promptly released after off the field drama. See the inside of a quarterback battle between top draft pick and established veterans. See the players and coaches both on the field and off the field in their personal lives. Get inside the drama as players compete for the last spot on the team’s roster.

This is a 5 episode series; you get all 5 episodes on the dvd. Each is about 55 minutes long.

NOTE! This listing is for the Blu-Ray HD (720p) version of the show on a single Blu-Ray disc. You need a blu-ray player, playstation 3 or something that can handle Blu-Ray.
I also have the 5 episodes available on a 2 DVD (Standard DVD) set.


NTSC Format. Region 0(playable all over the world).


Also check out my listing for previous seasons of hard knocks (only available on standard dvd)

Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks
NOTE: This is not a commercially produced DVD, i'm not aware
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