Item Description


Happy Birthday Icing Sheets very high quality,easy to work with,when placed on the icing cake.

We offer customized images for special events,birthday,anniversary,retirement,wedding,just send us your request,you may use a photo,or any image that you want,you can use a person's name,a theme or a caracter,just send us the instructions.

Kosher certified products give you ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.

INGREDIENTS: Water, glucose syrup, corn starch, microcrystal cellulose, sorbit, glycerin, microcrystal cellulose & CMC, starch syrup, locust bean gum, titanium dioxide powder, glucose syrup powder solid, methyl cellulose, potassium sorbate. Contains no allergens

This image is 7.5" x 10"  it could be for 1/4 sheet cake or it can be used on 1/2 sheet cake if you put it in the middle.

Every image will come with a instruction,how to use it.

Paypal and money order is accepted.