Item Description
Handsfree 3.5mm Headphone Adapter for Samsung It is the
perfect accessory for people with an active lifestyle. Making your
mobile life just a little simpler and more convenient, you can
handle all your phone calls without holding the phone to your ear
(headphone is required). Sitting comfortably on rather than in your
ear, the sturdy, yet flexible. Moreover, you can use your own
headphone to listen to the wonderful musics in your phone and still
has the handsfree operation convenience. FEATURES: *Adapter for
3.5mm stereo headphones. *Enjoy high quality music with your own
headphones. *Easy and simple operation. *This adapter is connected
directly to the cell phone. *No extra adapter is required *A remote
control is provided. *Connects directly to the phone for handsfree
operation (headphone is required). *Convenient answer/end button
located for remote operations. *Mic is included for handsfree
conversation. *Tie clip is included for convenient placement.
*Length: 75cm (approx.) *Color: Black Compatible with following
SAMSUNG CELL PHONE: Acclaim SCH R880, Admire SCH R720, Adorn SCH
R600, Apollo GT I5800L, Beat DJ Mobile Phone GT M7600, Behold II
SGH t939, Brooklyn GT B5310, Caliber SCH r850, Caliber SCH r860,
Captivate SGH i897, Ch@t 335 GT S3350, Character Touchscreen SCH
R640, Code SCH i220, Comment SCH R380, Conquer 4G SPH D600,
Continum i400 SCH I400, Continuum SCH I400, Craft SCH R900, DIVA GT
S7070, Dart SGH T499, Droid Charge SCH I510, Droid Charge SCH i510,
Epic 4G SPH D700, Epic SPH D700, Evergreen SGH A667, Exec SCH i225,
Exhibit 4G SGH T759, Fascinate 4G SGH T959, Fascinate SCH i500,
Feeform III SCH R380, Finesse SCH R810, Finesse SCH r810C, Flight
II SGH a927, Focus SGH I971RWC, Focus SGH i917, Focus SGH i917RWC,
Freedom SCH R360, Freeform II SCH R360, Freeform SCH r350, Freeform
S3100, GT i8910 HD, Galaxy 5, Galaxy 551, Galaxy 580, Galaxy Ace GT
S5830, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit S5670, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy GIO GT
S5660, Galaxy GIO S5660, Galaxy GIO, Galaxy GT I7500L, Galaxy
Indulge SCH R910, Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Portal GT I5700, Galaxy
Precedent SCH M828C, Galaxy Pro, Galaxy Q SGH T589, Galaxy S
Captivate SGH i896, Galaxy S Fascinate SGH T959D, Galaxy S
Fascinate, Galaxy S GT I9000, Galaxy S II 4G, Galaxy S II SGH I777,
Galaxy S II SGH T989, Galaxy S II SPH D710, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S
Infuse 4G SGH i997, Galaxy S SGH T959V, Galaxy Tab GT P1000, Genio
Slide GT B5310, Gravity Smart QWERTY SGH T589, Gravity TXT QWERT
SGH T379, Indulge SCH R915, Infuse 4G SGH i997, Intercept SPH m910,
JET ICON GT S8003, Jet Ultra Edition GT S8000, Mesmerize SCH i500,
Messager II SCH r560, Messager III SCH R570, Messager SCH R630,
Messager SCH R631, Messager Touch SCH r630, Messager Touch SCH
r631, Moment SPH m900, Monte GT S5620, Monte Slide E2550, Monte
Slide GT E2550, Nexus S 4G SPH D720, Nexus S GT I5500M, Nexus S GT
I9020T, Nexus S GT i9020A, Nexus S scLCD, Nexus S, OMNIA ICON GT
I8000, OMNIA ICON, OMNIA II GT i8000L, Omnia II SCH i920, Omnia
Lite GT B7300, Omnia Pro B7610, Omnia Pro GT B7330, Profile SCH
R580, Reality SCH U820, Reality Touchscreen SCH U370, Replenish SPH
M580, Restore QWERTY SPH M575, Restore SPH M575, Restore SPH m570,
SCH R355, SCH r355c, SCH r880, SPH M360, Seek SPH m350, Showcase
SCH i500, Sidekick 4G SGH T839, Sidekick SGH T839, Solid Extreme GT
B2100, Solstice II SGH A817, Suede SCH R710, Transform SPH M920,
Transform Ultra SPH M930, Trender SPH M380, Trill SCH r520, Vibrant
SGH T959, WAVE 723 GT S7230, Wave 723, Wave GT S8500, Wave II GT
S8530, -, shipping_information 1) For USA / UK / Australia, the
estimated arrival time is 7 - 16 working days (i.e. not including
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays, 10 - 21 calendar days
approximately). 2) For Other Countries, the estimated arrival time
is 15-25 working days (i.e. not including Saturday, Sunday and
Public Holidays, 2 - 6 weeks approximately). 3) For Tracking
Number, additional US$2.0 shipping fee is required.