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Cherrywood/Polished Brass Base Pipe Tobacco Tamper in
The Cherrywood Tamper is
Handmade, and No Two are Exactly Alike. Also different pieces
of wood take stain differently. But, all are quite similar to the
shown picture. The wooden end is carved by hand using a sharp
pocket knife to fashion the tip. There may be some evidence
of carving marks, but that only adds to the fact that it is
handcarved from cherry wood. Most of the carving marks have been
removed by carefully hand sanding with two progressively smoother
sandpapers. Each is sprayed with 3 coats of clear lacquer and hand
rubbed to a smooth finish. The stain color is a
warm dark walnut color. Each piece is approximately
The Tapered wooden end is perfect
for tending the ashes, while the Polished Brass 7.62X51/.308
ammo case base presses the loose tobacco down to
insure a perfect burn of your favorite pipe tobacco.
I am a pipe smoker, and pipe smokers
enjoy quality and workmanship. These fit the bill. And,
they feel great in the hand. These will add enjoyment and beauty to
your Pipe Smoking Experience!
These are not imported, or made in a
factory somewhere.
I make each one myself, using each
step described above. I take great pride in my work, and it
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