Item Description
Halloween,  with music by Mitch Leigh and lyrics by Sidney Michaels, starred Barbara Cook, Jose Ferrer,  Dick Shawn and Billy Barty. The show had it's world premiere at Florida State University in the spring of 1972. This single CD was recorded live and although not a studio produced disc, the quality is good. 

CD is sent without liner notes, inserts etc

Track Listings: Overture (vocal), Halloween, Love in a Barbershop, Saltpeter in the Rhubarb, This Life Is Fantasy, Halloween (reprise), I  Want To Be Your Mother, In the Autumn in the Night, Scene,  It'll Be Green
Again, Dance, Finale Act 1, Entr'acte, Organized Sex, Would You Marry A Nut Like Me?, Run Away, Seduction Is A Holy Thing, Where Have I Been, Finale, Bows & Exit Music