Item Description
Ultra Low Frequency StimulationDevelopment and protocols
H-Wave were based on the
well-established facts that fluid shifts and pressures are
essential for tissues to heal and to create homeostasis in an
injured area. It's also valuable to point out that publications
show that inflammation of joints and compartmental swelling are a
leading cause of disability in the U.S. Therefore, the
H-Wave device was
specifically designed to improve circulation and enhance fluid
shifts; thereby, addressing the inflammation that is so often the
causative factor in pain and disabilities. By simply placing
adhesive pads on the skin and connecting to the device,
H-Wave can create very
comfortable and strong muscle contractions. A 30 minute treatment
will contract muscles and increase fluid shifts in the area,
significantly addressing symptoms in the most rehabilitative way
possible. The goal of
H-Wave is never to mask
symptoms, but rather to speed recovery and/or manage chronic
symptoms with several treatments per day/week depending on the
situation. Published research has shown that the specific
technology of
H-Wave represents a
paradigm shift in electro-therapeutic treatment and produces the
optimal non-fatiguing stimulation for fluid shifts.
High Frequency StimulationSome conditions require
additional pain relief that fluid shifts don't entirely address.
This is why
H-Wave has a secondary
mode that is focused entirely on shutting down pain and breaking
the pain cycle. Again, in this setting
H-Wave is not intending to
mask pain while the device is on, but rather create a strong
anesthetic affect with significant and lasting relief after a 30
minute treatment. The
H-Wave device is so unique
and capable of shutting down pain that we have FDA clearance for
electrical anesthesia in the field of dentistry. The same
technology employed with our medical devices is used in a dental
device in which we are cleared to perform amalgams, composites and
even crown preparations with nothing but
H-Wave for anesthesia.
There are many types of electrical stimulation devices on the
market with different treatment goals and varying outcomes.
H-Wave utilizes a
completely distinct technology developed by Electronic Waveform
Lab, and our treatment system is not available from any other brand
name or company. It is also important to point out that it is not
only other electronic devices that comprise our true competition.
Competitors include every other treatment (prescription drugs, for
instance) used to manage musculoskeletal pain and treat disability,
many of which are much more expensive and carry risks unassociated
H-Wave. We feel that
H-Wave can often be the
better, safer and most cost-effective prescription treatment
H-Wave device is a unique
electro-therapeutic treatment to aid in functional restoration and
pain control. The
H-Wave was developed and
is manufactured right here in the U.S. by Electronic Waveform Lab.
H-Wave and its treatment
system is not available by any other company or brand name.