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This is a DVD from a company called: Guns. The DVD is entitled: Guns, etc. 2004 YOUNG MUSCLE These DVDs are in there own genre that is about midway between a muscle fantasy video (think: Dynamite Studios,, and a competition video (think: Repetrope). These are not instructional DVDs. They feature bodybuilders, filmed mostly at the gym, although a few other locations are sometimes shown. Basically, they show the guys working out. In between exercises, they flex and pose for the camera. They wear normal workout gear, often stripping their shirts off at some point. The majority of the footage is of the upper body (chest and arms), hence the name Guns, however sometimes the legs are also shown. Unlike competition footage, the guys in these videos are more relaxed; smiling, laughing, talking as they flex and their moves are not as regimented as what you would see in competition footage. Most importantly: they do not have that slimy coat of oil covering that artificially tanned (orange) skin ... I hate that! The DVDs generally run between 75-100 minutes each. The camerawork is excellent, with lots of zooms and close-ups and clear images. All images shown below are actual scans from this DVD. I personally purchased this DVD direct from the manufacturer, and it did not come with a disc box. The DVD being sold in this listing features the following bodybuilders: Armon Abidi Stephen Frazier Rob Thornborrow Kyle Cavnar Juan Loyosa Joe Smith Featured athletes include 20-year-old Armon Abidi, whose rock-hard vascularity is nothing short of incredible. His workout partner, Stephen Frazier, carries 230 pounds of sculpted muscle and some awesome 20+ inch guns as well. Rob Thornborrow, a Houston area competitor, has been featured on a number of modeling sites and has a biceps peak that is truly amazing. Teen competitors Kyle Cavnar and Juan Loyosa are both successful teen competitors and bring balanced, hard and symmetrical physiques to the stage. Both have great potential to make a lasting mark in bodybuilding and/or modeling.