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This is a DVD from a company called: Guns. The DVD is entitled: Guns, etc. 2004 Volume 6 These DVDs are in there own genre that is about midway between a muscle fantasy video (think: Dynamite Studios,, and a competition video (think: Repetrope). These are not instructional DVDs. They feature bodybuilders, filmed mostly at the gym, although a few other locations are sometimes shown. Basically, they show the guys working out. In between exercises, they flex and pose for the camera. They wear normal workout gear, often stripping their shirts off at some point. The majority of the footage is of the upper body (chest and arms), hence the name Guns, however sometimes the legs are also shown. Unlike competition footage, the guys in these videos are more relaxed; smiling, laughing, talking as they flex and their moves are not as regimented as what you would see in competition footage. Most importantly: they do not have that slimy coat of oil covering that artificially tanned (orange) skin ... I hate that! The DVDs generally run between 75-100 minutes each. The camerawork is excellent, with lots of zooms and close-ups and clear images. All images shown below are actual scans from this DVD. I personally purchased this DVD direct from the manufacturer, and it did not come with a disc box. The DVD being sold in this listing features the following bodybuilders: Wong Hong Joe Kawabata Joe Kawabata Bilal Aburajouh Omar Armenta Ray Barnett Some of the most impressive footage shot last year was in New York the day after the IFBB Night of Champions. And part of that footage showcases IFBB Pro Wong Hong, whose rock-solid biceps and unearthly legs are showcased in this production. Not to be outgunned in the biceps department is Texas-based NPC competitor Joe Kawabata. We caught up with Joe training arms in the gym the day after the NPC Texas championships in Houston. NGA Pro Joe Kawabata. is the definition of "defined," and his biceps workout right after the NGA Southern States pro competition is an impressive display of toned muscularity. Bilal Aburajouh brought his thickly muscled physique to the NPC Central Texas Cup in 2004, and we captured him working chest and biceps the day after the show. Bilal, who left his mark on bodybuilding in the Middle East, displays a great shape with high level of muscle maturity. South Texas NPC competitor Omar Armenta dominated the teen class at both the 2004 NPC Cornerstone Classic and the NPC John Sherman Classic. You'll see this gifted teen competitor in the gym the day after his victory at the Sherman. And finally, there's more footage of NPC competitor Ray Barnett. Ray, a popular national-level competitor, won his tough open class at the 2004 NPC Red River Classic. We shot Ray the day before and the day after the show. Don't miss this great collection of guns! 86 minutes.