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It is a harsh and barren wasteland, where the weak aren't allowed to dream. It is also a sacred land for true men, for there is no place a man can feel more alive. This is the Gun Frontier. Sea Pirate Captain Harlock and the errant samurai, Tochiro arrive in the United States on the Western Frontier. Along with a mysterious woman they meet along the way, the two friends challenge sex rings, bandits, and corrupt sheriff. They are searching for a lost clan of Japanese immigrants, and they will tear Gun Frontier from end to end until they find it.Dialogue : Japanese/EnglishSubtitle : English/Italian/OffRegion : All Region, Free CodeDisc Type : DVD9x1, DVD5x1Screen : 4:3Audio : Ac3 2.0 / 5.1 ChannelSeries Type : TV SeriesSystem : NTSCEpisodes : 1-13Running Time : Approximately 13x26 mins