Item Description
Upgrade your HPA tank with a Guerilla Air Myth HPA Tank Regulator! Guerrilla Air took the paintball world by storm with their breakthrough Guerilla Air Myth HPA Tank Regulator. This high performance HPA tank reg is the smallest and lightest in the industry while still maintaining an amazingly fast recharge and consistency. They feature dual burst disks and a hex-headed pressure gauge. Guerrilla Air Myth Regulator features:
- Rated for 3000 psi - 800 psi output - Low Profile Fill Nipple and Myth Micro Gauge for grip frame, ASA and drop forward clearance - Only 3/4 inches (.75") from bottle to ASA when screwed in! - Lightweight... only 3.5 ounces! - Virtually instantaneous recharge - Rebuildable - Replaceable tip