Item Description
Grizzly Adams (played by Dan
Haggerty) is a woodsman during the frontier era who flees
into the mountains after he is wrongly accused of murder. While
struggling to survive, Adams discovers an orphaned grizzly bear
cub whom he takes in and calls Ben. The bear, despite his
huge adult size, becomes Adams's closest companion. Adams proves to
have an uncanny link to most of the indigenous wildlife of the
region, who have no fear of him. In return, he resolves never to
harm another animal whenever possible. In the television series,
Adams had two human companions, an old trader named Mad Jack the
Mountain Man commonly featured with a mule named "Number Seven" and
a native American named Nakoma.Together, they helped various
visitors while protecting the wildlife.
The series was concluded with a 1982
TV movie called
The Capture of Grizzly Adams where a bounty hunter used
Adams's daughter–-not seen or mentioned since the 1974
film—to draw him back to civilization. In the end, Adams
proved his innocence.
Here we have the two films plus all
39 episodes on 9 dvds.All are in full and menued on dvdrs.This set
has never been released officially so is very sought after due to
the popularity of the series.Item will be sent same day first class
as soon as payment is received.