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Collectible Replica gift Prop
It is made of solid steel.
It is a good Quality Product.
Made and Make perfect gift.
All work is hand made.
A beautiful gift for Collector.
Collector can use it easily without any obstacles.
Ancient Greece refers to Greek history from 750 BC to 146 BC which provided the foundatgion of Western civilzation. Greek culture had a powerful influence on the Roman Empire in language, politics, science and arts. A fierce Greek heavy infantryman was known as a Hoplite, was the central element in Ancient Greek warfare. The Hoplite derices from hoplon meaning an item of armour or equipment, thus hoplite refers to "armoured man". The most well known hoplites were the Spartans, whom trained from childhoold in combat and warfare. Each hoplite provided their own equipment which was a Corinthian helmet, circular shield, spear, sword and muscle armour. The muscle armour was made of bronze and was worn with bronze greaves. Medieval Collectibles carries all your Ancient Greek needs. We have many greek helmets like the steel Corinthian helm, Royal Corinthian helm and the officers plumed brass Corinthian helm. We have steel and leather muscle armour, greaves and bracers. Our Greek swords and Hoplite swords are fully functional and authentic to the period. Finally we have Greek Tunics to give you that authentic Greek costume.
Chest Size : 48"
Shoulder to Waist : 21"
Neck to Waist : 19"
Adult Size & Wearable Muscle Armor

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Armor Helmet

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