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Original Factory Pressed CD with full color artwork.
This rare album contains 75 minutes of unreleased pure DAT soundboard recordings. All tracks are originals
that were to be included on the next Grateful Dead CD prior to the passing of Jerry Garcia.
This is a really nice collection of post-Built To Last songs, taken from live recordings between 1993 and 1995 just before Jerry’s untimely death. Other than the last disc of So Many Roads, these songs have been all but ignored
on official Grateful Dead releases. This CD flows quite well, and almost feels like a complete album. It is really nice to have all of these tracks together on one disc, so that they can be judged on their own merit.
Grateful Dead – Earthquake Country
01. If the Shoe Fits (1994-07-02)
02. Lazy River Road (1995-03-26)
03. Eternity (1995-03-26)
04. Liberty (1993-03-25)
05. Way to Go Home (1995-03-27)
06. Wave to the Wind (1993-05-29)
07. So Many Roads (1995-03-27)
08. Corrina > Days Between