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ArchiCAD 13 Overview

ArchiCAD 13 revolutionizes BIM collaboration with its active BIM server based next-generation Teamwork solution. ArchiCAD 13 also delivers mission critical productivity improvements to further polish its best-in-class BIM design and documentation workflow.

ArchiCAD 13 introduces the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server – a first of its kind solution for model based team collaboration. Industry-first Delta Server™ technology reduces network traffic to a minimum for instant and reliable data-exchange both within the office and over the Internet. More...

ArchiCAD 13’s significant productivity improvements provide users with best-in-class model based design and documentation workflow. With its 64-bit support on the PC platform combined with Multiprocessor support, ArchiCAD 13 becomes the most powerful BIM solution for architects. More...

ArchiCAD users on Version 13

TW2 is an extraordinary achievement, allowing complete workspace flexibility whether for a team of 2 or 20. Combine file manageability, TW2 and the upgraded Open GL graphics and we have a fluid design tool where the focus is on the architecture.”
Adam King, BAR Architects, San Francisco
„Our office has just finished putting together a competition scheme with ArchiCAD 13 in less than a week, and the improved flexibility and speed of teamwork 2 helped save the day. We even had the practice directors working on it, and they were very impressed with the improvements over teamwork 1”
Wilson Architects, Australia
Compared to the existing trade-off curves on which all current BIM model-authoring tools are positioned, TW2 is literally off the chart.”
Graphisoft Teamwork 2.0 will revolutionize BIM/IPD workflow and collaboration
By Jerry Laiserin, industry analyst
I am loving this rotated view :):):). Thanks”
Erika Epstein, US
My favorite new feature is Soft Insulation. It does much more than the name implies. I quickly created a single plywood fill just the way I like and applied it to both wall and roof composites. It scales and centers in any thickness sheathing, and follows a roof slope or canted wall.”
Geoff Briggs, US
This is big news for me if it's true. I'm just about to upgrade my machine and was looking at XP64bit so having 64bit ArchiCAD and C4D would be great”
ArchiCAD-Talk user ‘Wokka’
I think this [64-bit] + TW2 would make AC13 a fantastic upgrade, regardless of any other new features.”
ArchiCAD-Talk user ‘Owen’
While we only do small and medium-sized projects (less than $10M), this improvement in Teamwork is very welcome.”
ArchiCAD-Talk user ‘Jere’

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