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See the Similarities between my Grail Diary
replica and original Grail Diary!
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This is my updated and more accurate Version!!!
This Grai Diary
is the culmination of many
months of researching and
over four long years of hard work. This is a PERFECT
prop replica of the Diary seen in the movie "Indiana Jones and the
Last Crusade." The Diary reads as if it were written by Dr.
Henry Jones himself, during his forty years of research and
This diary includes all the inserts that you have been able
to admire in Spielberg and Lucas' original film. All of the
images have been printed on two-sided printing paper.
As you can see in the image, every page of this
replica has undergone multiple stages of a sophisticated method
of aging to appear accurately dated.
it really does look and feel like it is 40 years
size of this diary is the SAME SIZE of the original Grail Diary
in the movie (apx 10 cm x 16)
(apx 6 1/2", 4 1/4", 1 1/2")
As you can see in the image, this diary contains every page
seen in the film! These pages are absolutely identical! Please
compare the photos I have included of the actual diary, and this
replica. I have strived to deliver superior quality to my work
and the
attention to detail is amazing!
Details on pages are crisp and clear
Unlike the hero version, the
entire diary reads as a story, no countless repetition of
text pages. While the book
all the pages from the original prop, the text
flows coherently to reflect Henry's inspiration to begin
his quest and throughout the fulfillment of his life-long
This is an extremely accurate replica

The Grail Diary is one of the most sought after props from
the Indiana Jones Trilogy. It took several hours of work to make
the book, but, as you can see, it is

As you can see in the image, I include in this
all the inserts
seen in the film, for a total of over
35 inserts
Most of the pages and inserts are instantly
recognizable if you are an Indiana Jones fan.
The Grail Diary would not be complete without
these inserts and extras.
These inserts including:
Grail tablet rubbing (the top portion of the tablet it
incomplete, like the original prop)
Some photos of Henry's life
(they show Henry and young Indy during his early years of
Some letters from Henry's friends and collegues
2 Telegrams (Both are from friends of Henry, keeping him
up-to-date on their progress)
The Lary Train transfert ticket used by Henry as
1899 Silver Certificate
(This replica is affixed to one of the pages in the
Replica wrapper in which the diary was shipped to Indy. It
is complete with replica Italian stamps and Venice
Maps (Map with no name, Venice map,
Washington quote
"Wanted" Indy and Henry in the Airport (based on the travel
document above)

emorial card for Henry's wife, Anna Jones
(on the back of the card is a traditional prayer for the
Notes on the Grail quest
Newspaper articles...
...more, more other...
The details of this replica are:
Over 300 pages, all aged like the
New handwritten 98% Screen Accurate, as
you can see in picture
New invented pages, new Highest quality
All pages re-done as the original prop
(even has replica Hitler Signature as shown in the
Over 150 drawing
, all the draw insert in the original Diary and other added by
me for a cleary story
Accurate measurements and
All insert like the original prop
(originals and invented)
Very High quality paper (120
5 different methods of aging
for each page and 2 for aging the cover
Brown leather and carefully
aged by hand to match the style of the original prop
Elastic, like the original in the movie.
It can be put vertically (as in the film) or horizontally
(as in the archives book)
With this replica you will feel
like Henry Jones in the Last Crusade...
My price is 350$, while the original prop would
cost around 20,000$. This is a fantastic conversation

This is some comments for my Grail

you have need of any information not you hesitate to contact me,
Always to yours complete disposition.
of payment accepted:

- PayPal
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Safety and methods of transport:
guarantees ample reliability in you pack and packages created for
sending the commodity under the conditions surest possible.

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furnished to the winner of the auction.

The payment must have effected within the 3 following
days to the closing of the auction, possible extensions they are
possible if preventively applications and you grant. If the payment
had to not have effected in the arranged terms you/he/she will
immediately have put the signaling into effect of "non paid Object"
to ebay.
If you believe not to be able to respect these simple
conditions I warmly beg not to proceed with the offers.

Some photo
Other image of my Grail Diary
And now some photo to all incredible inserts of my
Grail Diary!!!
As if me are of the true fanses of the saga will
understand as the quality' doesn't have price!
This Grail Diary is a MUST HAVE for all
true Indiana Jones fans out there!
This is an extremely accurate replica, down to the last
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