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Dear Internet Marketer,
If you’re looking to make passive income online, look no further. This is by far the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s how:
  Do any of these statements sound familiar to you ?
  You work tirelessly night and day and still can’t seem to increase your profits ?
  You’ve bought every book, researched forums, hired mentors, and followed the works of the internet “Greats†and you’re still not making enough money online to cover your minimum monthly expenses?
  You’re tired of doing the same, tedious processes over and over without seeing any results ?
  You’re fed up watching other people go from zero to thousands fast , while you can’t seem to make a penny online?
  You’ve tried your last tool, system, and product and decided to quit internet marketing and call it a “complete failure†?

After reading those statements, if any of them resemble the way you’re feeling, I bet you’re drowning even deeper into depression and feelings of hopelessness.
All you want is for your internet marketing business to work for you so badly, but …you don’t know how.
Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. I’ve met many internet marketers, just like you. I also know, the only thing that’s keeping your attention is the hope of knowing if you just work a little harder, your dreams will come true.
Well, what if I told you… there’s a system that’ll help you make more money per month than what you’re making right now, while doing less work?

What if each month you had an extra $2,000 in your bank account by working only a 10-20 minutes day?
What if you didn’t need any of the information you’ve learned from mentors, books, research, and your Google searches.

                                -> Let me ask you one more question...
What if there was a product that could help you make passive income of at least $2,000 on autopilot?
Would you want to hear about it?
Now that I’ve got your attention, read on.
Hi! I am Carson Rathi, the creator of that launched last year with big shot JV’s like Mike Filsaime.
I’m also an internet marketer and mentor who mostly focuses on products related to Google AdSense.
Why do I use Google AdSense programs?
Because Google Ads allows me to make huge profits - without selling a thing!
If you too, want checks as big as mine, then listen closely.
I’ll let you in on a little secret.
Recently, I’ve discovered another amazing tool, Google Trends. This program one of the most lucrative and unexploited fields to earn cash on the internet to- date!
I have seen many profitable products which focus on income from Google Trends. Why? Because, this site informs internet users about the current and most popular searches on the Google search engine.
You see, in the past year, I used Google Trends to monetize my websites and blogs by writing content and submitting to social book marking sites for instant traffic.
Long story short - this manual labor really pissed me off. To make a decent income, I had to repeat the same old boring process every hour to actually see any traffic on my site.
Finally, I got fed up! So, I searched for something to automate every damn task I was doing, starting with blog creation then with traffic submission. Sadly, I never found the product I was looking for.
That’s when I decided to make something revolutionary which would actually automate every task and would be useable by even a 10 year old. After 4 months of research and development, GTrends Assassin was created.

                          A Hands-Free Profit-Generating Machine...
You’ll be glad to know, GTrends Assassin is an easy-to-use script that generates cash the easiest way on the net.
This product is a fully-automated income- generating system using Google Trends.
Here’s how it works...
All you need to do is input your Google Adsense ID and/or Clickbank ID once to the script. After that, just install on any domain you have and within every hour you’ll get instant traffic from Google.
What’s even better is all the traffic you get is based on accurate data obtained by Google Trends.
But, besides Google Trends data from (Means U.S. Google), the system also updates from Google Singpore and Google India, which means… even more fresh content is updated every hour.
Now, the next part is the easiest…
Just sit back and watch your profits flood into your ClickBank and Adsense accounts.
While, on the back-end, you know your site’s increasing by 40 pages, all by itself. So, within a month, you’ll own 960 * 30 – 28,800 fresh pages each month!!!!!
Listen, there’s no such automated system which works like GTrends Assassin. And I know, because I’ve tried every system on the internet.
This product is truly a hands-free money making machine.
You’ll get…
To easily earn $200-$500 from Google Adsense on EVERY domain which is using GTrends Script, this way if you install it on 10 domains, then your $2,000/month dream will be a reality.

          Excellent passive source of income even for
            newbie's, as you just need to install it once.

No Time Wasted -You don’t have to spend much time using this system other than to install the script once. GTrends Assassin script will work automatically every hour. however to create more effective and better ROI, you just need to devote 10-20 minutes every day on it.
An Automatic Set Up. – All you need is a Google Adsense/ClickBank account, then let the GTrends Assassin script fill your accounts with automated cash.
To Save Loads of Money – With GTA there’s no need to buy expensive autoblogs: The GTA script will product over 28,000 fresh pages every month to your site.
To Be Easily Accepted by CPA Networks ­- Getting rejected by CPA companies? Now show them your site which looks purely professional.
5 Fresh Templates: In just one click you can install any of the 5 templates, thus no more boring websites. Give it a different look on different CPA applications.

So What kind of Sites GTrendsAssassin Software Generates (With 28,000 pages every month)?

Sample Site Automatically Created by GTrendsAssassin Script.

So, How Will you make money by GTrendsAssassin
generated pages, on your domain?

  1. Google Adsense: You'll earn using Google's Adsense Program. There will be 3 ads block on every page of your website, generated by GTA script. Means you'll have automatically increasing virtual empire on internet.

  2. ClickBank: There will be 3 Clickbank ads unit on Right Side of every page with YOUR clickbank ID on every ad. Means you'll be earning upto 75% commission per sale from ClickBank program.

  3. CPA income: CPA market is very hot these days, you can monetize every of 28,000 pages by your desired CPA offers in ONE click!
    The ability to automatically submit to over 33 book marking and social groups so that your content will immediately get indexed by the BIG G.
    Almost daily, I sit in the background as desperate internet marketers practically beg my friend, Mike F., to show them the secret to making money online so they can sit back and live the lazy life while profits rake in (like we do).
    Now, it’s your turn. With GTrends Assassin, you’ll be able to finally relax, knowing you have a system in place that’s proven to bring in money. You’ll be able to easily and confidently add passive income to your financial statement :-)
    Even better, you’ll be making the same amount of money, or better, while you’re free to do whatever you want. In fact, with this system, I may work only about a 10-20 minutes every day. Because the script does all the work for me.
    What’s even better is that GTrends Assassin is backed by my 60 day money back guarantee. And, being backed by some of the biggest names in the industry, you can be confident this system works!

Now, imagine this. What if you could finally generate real, passive income on autopilot with your online business, without burning yourself out spending hours of work learning every system and working till the wee hours of the night.
More importantly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, for each domain you have, you can easily make an extra $200 per month.
So, if you have 10 domains using the GTrends Assassin script, you’re easily making at least $2,000 a month.

Let me put it to you frankly. This script WILL make you money because there’s no other product on the market that proves to work hard like GTrends Assassin to make you money - so you don’t have to.
So, ask yourself this. You know your time is valuable, right? In that case, how much money are you wasting by spending all your time studying, reading, talking, and asking, with no monetary results at all?
Do you think your time is worth $1,000 a month? $2,000 a month?
Well, what if you were actually getting PAID for the amount of time you’re spending online?
Now, doesn’t working a 10-20 minutes a day or week to get $2,000 a month make more sense than working all day and night to get zero to very little money? I sure hope so.
Next, for the real question.
How much does the program cost?
Well, you’ll be happy to know I’ve left no one out. My closest competitor sell this kind of software for 4 figures.

" Now it's your Turn!!!"


Get GTrends & Start NOW!

One Time Risk Free Investment Of $1,999 $595 $249.97 $149.97 $95.95
The Next Few Clients Only. ... ..


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