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All 5 movies on 5 individual dvd-r discs.
Quality is a 10/10
This great set comes in individual paper cd sleeves without artwork

Catherine Bell(Army Wives, JAG) stars as a mysterious woman who moves in to an old, abandoned house which is reputed to be haunted by its original owner, "The Grey Lady." The small community is divided in their opinion of her: some want her to stay (especially widowed police chief Jake Russell and his two children), while others want her to leave. Through the course of the story, seemingly magical things happen, and the community attributes these occurrences to her. Everyone begins to wonder if she is really a witch. The Good Witch, the sequel, The Good Witch's Garden(2009)the third movie, The Good Witch's Gift(2010), the fourth film The Good Witch's Family(2011)and the latest installment The Good Witch's Charm(2012)