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Bag size 20 Pounds
Paydirt Raw Paydirt Not Concentrates
Estimated Shipping 3 - 5 Days
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PERFECT "FUN GIFT" IDEA Gold Panning Arizona Paydirt
You Get a 20 pound bag of Gold Panning Paydirt from an Ore rich Gulch in the Black Rock mining district in the gold rich Bradshaw Mountains in Arizona.
Our unsearched panning paydirt comes straight from the ground, it is not dredged concentrates. Our paydirt comes from old river beds, bedrock, banks, streams, under and near large boulders.Information and Little History for this area of paydirt up for auctionFrom the Bradshaw Mountains in central Arizona, known as the riched gold producing area in Arizona and famous for mines such as the Vulture, Crown King, Big Bug, Gold Bar, Hillside, Bumble Bee, United Verde, Treasure King and hundreds more.This rich gold producing mountain range is home to our exciting new spotlocated in the Black Rock District of the Bradshaws in a long narrow gulch that feeds down to the Hassayampa river. The ridges above have 3 abandoned mines on top! This rugged spot is strewn with large and small boulders, half buried in the stream bed with lots of narrow passages with high bedrock structures filtering down from the 80-100 foot canyon walls. 4 decent size nuggets were recovered from under a large boulder that was dug loose and turned over!This paydirt is comprised primarily of coarse decomposed granite sand with lots of quartz and other minerals. Panning yields good black sand with small fines and if your lucky, maybe a few pickers or nugs!We do not seed our paydirt as some others do, you have the same chance of finding gold as we do. We find the best spots, we test them and if they yield tracesof gold, we dig up the paydirt around that area and send it down the mountain in 5 gallon buckets. Once they reach base camp a small amount is tested again oneach bucket to confirm findings, then they are sent on to be bagged for sale.
This product is for recreation and to experience the enjoyment of prospecting as we do. We do not guarentee you will find gold or any other gems in your paydirt. We do not search or process our paydirt other than classifying to remove stones larger than 1/4" inch. As explained above we do our best to provide you paydirt from the best spots on our claim. We have no way of knowing what you will find in your paydirt, everyones skill level is different.Please note:
Gold pans is not included.
Please note I only ship to USA addresses .Sorry no international shipping at this time.