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1878 USA Miniature Morgan Dollar 22k Hge
Bullion/Proof like Coin UNC*
-An Excellent collectible

The Morgan Dollar coins were from 1878 to 1904 and again for one more year in 1921. The Morgan Dollar is named after its designer, , who designed the and of the coin. Morgan's appears near 's neck on the obverse. The dollar was authorized by the of 1878.The obverse depicts a profile portrait representing Liberty, while the reverse depicts an eagle with wings outstretched.Morgan Dollars are among the most popular of all United States coinage. The coins were generally struck in large quantities at a total of five different nationwide Mints. Whereas most issues of the series are readily available, there are some issues with low mintages or which saw heavy circulation. These mintage and condition rarities are highly sought by collectors. Some coins also display proof like qualities or have deep mirror proof like surfaces. These coins often command significant premiums and are the focus of high end collectors.The design was replaced by the Peace dollar in 1922.The 1895 Morgan Dollar is known as the "King of the Morgan Dollars" because it is the rarest and most valuable of the entire Morgan Dollar series. PF-68 specimens of this rare coin have sold for upwards of $120,000 at auction.

This coin is one amongst the smallest bullion coins ever produced in the world.These are authentic mini reproductions of extremely rare coins layered with 22kt gold.Coin is in Beautiful pristine uncirculated condition.I hope the photographs will help with grading and description.All coins are genuinly imported.The coins are known to be made of 8k to 24k Gold.Some were plated 22k over lower grade Gold which is minted with other non gold metal alloy.Every minute detail of the large coin has been adapted to its mini version.As the gold prices are rising,the hge coins are becoming scarce and disappearing from the market.Also they are becoming really costly.So what you are upto is a great collectible of really great value.Get them while you can.

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1878 American Mini Morgan
HGE bullion/proof like Coin
It has a deep cameo finish!!!
SIZE: 10 mm diameter
Weight: .8 Gram
Gold: 22kt HGE(Highly Gold Electroplated)
Dated: 1878

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