Item Description
Despite critical kudos with drama like "Aguirre The Wrath Of God" & "Fitzcarraldo", some of Werner Herzog's most outrageous work remains barely seen. In this rarely screened documentary, we enter the world of Dr. Gene Scott, the Howard Stern of demented religious programming. Essentially, Scott's televised shows seem like your average, low I.Q.'ed, fire & brimstone public access fare, starring the white-haired, instantly volatile Scott. But instead of piously begging for cash from the public, Scott has a unique way of shaking down his viewers...he gets pissed off at them! Even better, he'll stare silently into the camera lens until somebody calls in with a $600 pledge. And even after he gets the dough, he still screams that his lazy, cheap viewers didn't cough it up quick enough.
It would have been easy to pull a cheap hatchet job on this rabid clown, but Herzog gets points for peering under Gene's psycho facade in order to reveal the real psycho lurking underneath.Sitting in his limo, Scott ramblesat length about being persecuted by the government, his work schedule (3 to 10 hours of live TV broadcast a day, 6 days a week), his sterility, & even takes us to meet his scary parents. Loaded with clips from his shows, this is a turd's-eye view of Christian idiocy, complete with a phone switchboard full of teary, middle-aged housewives and his creepy male singers. There's even his collection of "bureaucratic monkeys" (those battery operated, clapping monkey toys) to represent the FCC. Herzog is obviously fascinated by this uniquely deranged individual, and you'll be too, after this guided tour into the heights of white trash gullibility. -shock cinema

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