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Glutathione 60000mg Super Active Whitening Aura 10 capsules Summary
TK Natural Super Whitening Glutathione 60000 mg with Q10

Professional Glutathione From Switzerland.
Super Active Whitening Aura

You will received 1 box!

Packaging: 1 box 10 capsules.
Super Active Whitening Aura Gluta 60000.
L-Glutathione 60000 mg Vitamin C 1000 mg From Switzerland.

- Protects the skin from the sun. Causing wrinkles.
- Freckles and dark spots.
- The removal of acne scar reducing dark spots, freckles and light skin.
- Increase the power of white skin with pink skin and white skin. Look healthy from the inside.
- The antioxidants help to slow aging and reduce fade. More vibrancy.
- Detox and liver cancer. Harmless because It is a natural product.

♥ L-Glutathione 60,000 mg.
♥ Vitamin C 1,000 mg.
♥ Berry Mix 1,000 mg.
♥ Fiber 1,000 mg.
♥ Collagen 500 mg.
♥ Bioflavonoi 500 mg.
♥ Pine Bark Extract 100 mg.
♥ Grape Seed Extract 100 mg.
♥ Koji Berry 500 mg.
♥ Acerora Cherry 100 mg.
♥ Green Coffee Berry 100 mg.
♥ Berry Fruits Extract 100 mg.
♥ Coenzyme Q 10 100 mg.
Increments of 1 capsule 2 times daily after meals for 15 minutes morning and evening to get a clear result. Eat 2-3 consecutive months.
The body can 100% absorb immediately.
easy to eat. No harmful No side effects.

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