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Great Collection

Great 7 DVD Set

Disc 1
The first set is from a TV Show Called "Soul" in 1973. This show is very rare from the early 70's. It has some poetry on it as well as Gladys Knight stopping by for an interview and plus a mini concert. She sang the following songs with the pips: Nitty Gritty, Friendship Train, If I Were Your Woman, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Help Me Make It Through The Night, I Don't Want To Do Wrong, The second set is from a Concert in the , 70's. Gladys was invited to perform again at this concert. She sang the following songs with the pips: My Imagination, On & On, Life Story, Midnight Train To Georgia The third set is from Soul Train in the early 70's. Gladys stopped by with the Pips for an interview and sang the following songs: Friendship Train, I Don't Want To Do Wrong

Disc 2
Glady's on A&E Talking about her Life Story, GLady's on the Jeffersons, Glady's On A Different World performing Love Overboard, If I Were Your Woman Live, Next Time – Video Love Overboard – Video, Superwoman – Video, Men – Video, Glady's on Diva's Live Singing Neither One Of Us

Disc 3

Live In London 1980 (31 Min)
Finish What You Started
I Feel A Song In My Heart Again
Baby Don't Change Your Mind
Believes In Me (The Pips)
I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Midnight Train To Georgia
Bougie Bougie

Live At Rotterdam 1981 (50 Min)

Finish What You Started
Taste A Bitter Love
Neither One Of Us
Midnight Train To Georgia
Believes In Me (The Pips)
Free again (Gladys - Amazing)
I Will Survive (Gladys - Amazing)
Bougie Bougie

Match TV:

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Disc 4

Fever - 1969
I Heard It Through The Grapevine -1969
Nitty Gritty -1969
Ain't No Sunshine Since You Been Gone - 1969
I Don't Want To Be Wrong - Soul Train 1971
I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Soul Train 1971
Daddy Could Swear, I Declare - Soul Train 1971
Midnight Train To Georgia - Flip Wilson 1973
Help Me Make It Through The Night - Full House 1972
Midnight Train To Georgia Plus Wins - Grammy's 1973
Neither One Of Us - Midnight Special 1973
Midnight Train To Georgia - AMA's 1974
The Thrill Is Gone With BB King on Midnight Special 1974
My Imagination Live in 1975
My Life Story Live In 1975
On and On Live in 1975
Midnight Train To Georgia Live in 1975
I heard It Through The Grapevine - Black Push Expo Live in Chicago 1972

Disc 5
0. Midnight Train To Georgia live on Midnight Special 1. During one of VH1's retrospectives, they featured a wonderful moment with Gladys Knight and the Pips, as they perform "If I were your woman." 2. Appearing on the 1985 "American Music Awards" Gladys Knight and the Pips present the honor for "Female Vocalist of the Year." 3. On the 12th Annual "People's Choice Awards" Gladys Knight and the Pips perform a portion of each of the songs nominated for "Favorite Song of the Year." Among the selections, "Say you say me" "Money for nothing" and "We are the world." 4. Looking simply radiant, Gladys joins Patti LaBelle and Dionne Warick for an incredible special, "Sisters: In the name of love." Truly a remarkable evening from all three of these talented ladies! They look absolutely exquisite in their evening gowns! Throughout the show, they perform many of their favorites! Such incredible voices! And so much energy too! After a rousing rendition of the hit single, "Living in America" each of the ladies take a turn in the spotlight. Gladys sings the classic anthem of the 70's, "I will survive" adding her own touch to the timeless hit. When Dionne takes to the stage, she sings "I will never love this way again." Which is truly fantastic! Picking up the pace, Patti takes her moment in the spotlight to perform her signature tune, "New Attitude." Which is simply "delightful!" During the break between each of these individual numbers, the ladies share a little bit of girl talk" around the kitchen table, talking about many things! Returning to the stage together, they perform a stirring version of "Somewhere." Which perfectly blends their incredible voices! Afterwards, they share some of the songs from the past, which is equally enjoyable, "My Guy" "Money Money" "The Ten Commandments of Love" "I only have eyes for you" and "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" ~ to name but a few! Ending the program, they sing "That's what friends are for." Truly a wonderful special! 5. Making a special appearance on "New Year's Eve Rockin' Party" Gladys Knight and the Pips sing a rousing rendition of the classic hit, "I heard it through the gravevine." 6. Returning to the American Music Awards, Gladys joins the rest of the guests on hand for the evening, as they close the program with a spirited version of the song, "That's what friends are for." 7. During the documentary "Women in Rock and Roll" Gladys appears briefly, talking about her life and career. 8. Returning to the "People's Choice Awards" Gladys joins Dionne Warick and Andy Williams, as they perform several bars of the "ten" greatest songs of all time! Gladys looks absolutely beautiful! 9. Performing a stirring rendition of the classic song, "Memories" Gladys lends her support for the AIDS Special: "That's what friends are for." As the show draws to a close, she is joined by Elton John, Dionne Warick and Stevie Wonder, as they perform a rousing rendition of the song, "That's what friends are for." 10. Looking absolutely wonderful, Gladys stops by the set of "CBS This Morning" for a delightful interview! Interestingly, she mentions some of her upcoming projects, and from the sounds of it, she is going to be quite busy! 11. On the 2nd Annual "Soul Train Music Awards" Gladys Knight and the Pips are honored with the "Heritage Award." Later in the program, they perform a wonderful rendition of their hit song, "Love overboard." Gladys looks sensational! 12. Ringing in the "New Year" Gladys Knight and the Pips make a special appearance as we step into "1989!" They perform a rousing version of the hit song,"Sweet sweet love." Gladys looks radiant in her elegant evening gown.

Disc 6
1, Picking up from where we left off, Gladys welcomes in the "New Year" with several old favorites, "Love Overboard" and "The Midnight Train to Georgia." Gladys looks so beautiful! Drawing the show to a close, she sings a stirring rendition of the song, "Overnight sensation."2. "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Gladys as she prepares for her first solo concert tour, opening in Las Vegas. Besides the new stage show, she is also shown in the recording studio, singing the upcoming theme for the latest James Bond film. 3. Taking home the honor for "Favorite Pop / Rock Duo or Group" Gladys Knight and the Pips, step to the stage to accept their "American Music Award." 4. While embarking on her first solo tour, Gladys stops by the set of "Good Morning America" for a wonderful interview. Many things seem to be coming together for her at this particular moment! The tour, an upcoming brand new album, and her own hair care line. Interestingly, when asked about her music, Gladys mentions that quite often because she has been categorized as a "black artist" that it has placed a limit on her ability to reach the fans. 5. While appearing on "A Different World" Gladys joins several of the cast members for an "all female" version of "Love Overboard." Which is really cute! Gladys looks absolutely wonderful! 6. Making a brief appearance, honoring the 30th Anniversary of Motown, Gladys introduces the next musical moment. 7. Singing a stirring version of "Memories" Gladys makes a splendid appearance at the "Night of a 100 Stars" celebration. 8. Returning to the "American Music Awards" Gladys is joined by Luther Vandross as they present two of the honors for the evening. 9. Gladys steps in front of the camera, to unveil her latest video, for the song, "Men." 10. On the 5th Annual "Soul Train Awards" Smokey Robinson received not only the "Heritage Award" but a wonderful "medley" honoring him, with the sweet sounds of Luther Vandross, Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight.
11. Gladys returns to the "American Music Awards" as they honor James Brown.
12. Making a splendid appearance at the 20th Annual "American Music Awards" Gladys hands out one of the honors for the evening. 13. On the 24th NAACP Image Awards, Gladys joins Dionne as they honor their friend, "Patti LaBelle." 14. The following year, Gladys was honored by the NAACP, for her incredible life and career. Stepping to the stage, she expresses how much this award means to her. In a tribute to her, Phyllis Hyman and Melba Moore perform one of her signature hits, "Superwoman." 15. Stepping to the stage, on the 21st annual "American Music Awards" Gladys joins Vince Gill on the timeless classic, "Ain't nothing like the real thing." They sound so good together! 16. Looking absolutely stunning, Gladys sings the timeless hit, "Georgia" during the opening night of the Atlanta Olympics. 17. Making a splendid appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Gladys is full of energy, and delightful as always! After the break, she performs the classic, "Midnight Train to Georgia." 18. With the details surrounding her gambling addiction coming to light, "Entertainment Tonight" featured a really nice interview with Gladys. 19. Sounding better than ever, Gladys makes a wonderful appearance on the "Roseanne" show, singing "Everybody." As always, it's wonderful to see her! And the interview portion of the program is equally entertaining! She talks about many things! As the show draw to a close, Gladys performs a rousing version of the hit song, "Friendship train." 20. Celebrating 50 years in the music business, Gladys stops by the set of the "Donny and Marie" show for a delightful interview. As she visits with the popular duo, she relates many interesting stories! Her impression of Tina Turner is right on the mark! As their conversation turns to her new album, Gladys performs with Donny and Marie, on the classic song, "You've got a friend." Which is simply wonderful!

Disc 7
Video Collection

Baby Don't Change Your Mind
Save The Overtime For Me
Love Overboard
That's What Friends Are For
Lovin' On Next To Nothin
License To Kill
Next Time
End Of The Road
I Don't Want To Know
Missing You
Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
God Bless The Child
Torchlight Inside Of Me