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Great Collection of DVDs. See listing Below:

Disc 1
Live In New Orleans 1979
01. Backstage
02. Powerful People
03. People Gotta Move
04. Wheels Of Life
05. Living Inside Myself
06. Appaloosa
07. Omens Of Love
08. One Night With You
09. I Just Wanna Stop
10. Nightwalker
11. Brother To Brother
12. Titles

Disc 2
Live In Montreal 1990
Set List:
1: Brother To Brother
2: Wild Horses
3: Devil
4: Crazy Life
5: I Just Wanna Stop
6: People Gotta Move
7: Something Tells Me
8: In The Name Of Money
9: Hurts To Be In Love
10: Black Cars.

Disc 3
Greatest Collection
Soul Train:
People Gotta Move
Powerful People
I Just Wanna Stop
The Wheels Of Life
Livin Inside Myself
Night Walker
Brother To Brother
Black Cars
It Hurts To Be In Love
Wild Horses
I Just wanna Stop
Black Cars (Live in 1985)
I Just Wanna Stop
It Hurts To Be In Love
The Measure Of A Man
Al Centro Commerciale campania (English Version)
I Just Wanna Stop