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Ghost of Zorro, 1949 - Classic Cliffhanger Serial


It's 1865 and the telegraph is heading west. George Crane, wanting to keep law and order out of his territory, is out to stop the construction. The Engineer on the job is Ken Mason and he is the grandson of Zorro. As Crane sends his men or Indians to stop the work, Mason repeatedly puts on the Zorro costume and rides to the rescue in this 12 chapter serial.
    Clayton Moore    ...     Ken Mason
    Pamela Blake    ...     Rita White
    Roy Barcroft    ...     Hank Kilgore
    George J. Lewis    ...     Moccasin
    Gene Roth    ...     George Crane
    John Crawford    ...     Agent Mulvaney - chap's 3-4
    I. Stanford Jolley    ...     Paul Hobson - chap's 6-7
    Steve Clark    ...     Jonathan White - chap's 1, 10
    Steve Darrell    ...     Marshal Ben Simpson - chap. 8
    Dale Van Sickel    ...     Mike Hodge, Henchman
    Tom Steele    ...     Henchman Brace
    Alex Montoya    ...     Yellow Hawk
    Marshall Reed    ...     Henchman Fowler
    Frank O'Connor    ...     Doctor - chap. 8
    Jack O'Shea    ...     Freight Agent - chap. 4
Better known as The Lone Ranger, here Clayton Moore stars as another of our favourite horse riding heroes.
   1. Bandit Territory
   2. Forged Orders
   3. Robber's Agent
   4. Victims of Vengeance
   5. Gun Trap
   6. Deadline at Midnight
   7. Tower of Disaster
   8. Mob Justice
   9. Money Lure
  10. Message of Death
  11. Runaway Stagecoach
  12. Trail of Blood

Running time: approx 167min (12 Episodes)