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Irwin Rommel's Hat,
tell a friend about this item so they can
check it out For all those Deutsches Afrikakorps re-enactment
engagements or just a day in the sun here's a high-quality
reproduction of the troppenhelm (that's pith helmet to you) that
the Desert Fox and his boys wore in North Africa during the late
unpleasantness. Measures 13-1/8 inches front to back 10-1/2 inches
across and sits about 7-1/2 inches tall.
The World War II German reproduction - Please be sure to include
any cap sizes the pith helmet we ship is far superior to what i have seen on the market you get the helmet with correct Army eagle with Swastika insignia, everyone else on the market gets some sanitized thing with a missing swastika. I really try to make everyone happy and this is a great item not offered elsewhere i also have the ss insignia and the naval insignia all available for a set if you want, there isnt a wally mart around for this stuff. it really makes me made that one clown left neg feedback because it took 2 weeks to arrive, one look at this shows it shows in a large box, coming to me and going back get the helmet goggles are seperate