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For sale is this Rare German WW II Brass Cyanide Capsule.It is Maker
Marked Tesch Hamburg 77/42 Stabenow & measures 43mm long
by 13mm in diameter,it has a screw on cap with the letters SS
stamped.Inside was held the Glass Cyanide Phial.These were carried
by secret agents etc to committ suicide should they be captured.This Brass Cylinder is identical to the one removed from Herman Gorings jail cell in Nuremburg in 1945 and can be seen in
the accompanying photograph of a U S Army photograph.(Photo taken
from the Original Negatives) What you see is what you get
(1) It comes with a Glass covered case measuring 6.1/4 inches by
8.1/4 inches (2) The Brass Maker Marked Cylinder.(3) The
Original Kodak photo plus a photocopy.You will have the choice of
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