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New Page 1 German AWARDS, military, Cross, Orders, Medals, Badges, WW2 and WW1 militaria German WW2 EXTREMELY rare WW2 German - Jewish armband from Concentration Camp Auschwitz + document For your viewing is a rare WW2 Jewish armband from Concentration Camp Auschwitz. These armbands were wearing by people who had a permission work in Concentration Camp including crematorium workers. As you know all Jews wore armbands with the Star of David on them. It was permissible to enter and leave the Jewish Quarter. Jews with work papers might enter the Aryan Quarter, white Aryans were permitted to enter the Jewish Quarter. Each day Jews would go out to work in the barracks factory and return home that evening. Jewish workers were identified by an armband with a Star of David and a number which corresponded to the one on their work papers. Later they were issued square patches, to wear along with their armbands, on which was darned the letter "W" meaning "Wichtig" (important). This meant that they must be preserved and safeguarded, and that the Gestapo must not do them any harm. As you can see armband has a concentration camp stamp AUSCHWITZ and prisoners number 18388. The armband were wearing by Gerhard Fabisz - he was a prisoner in Auschwitz and had a prisoners number 18388 - please look at here or on the images bellow. For sell is also the document from January 17, 1945 belonged to his wife Fabisz Anieta. Both items were bought from them family long time ago. The items has a huge historian value ! This particular armband passed very important test - it does not glow under the black lamp (all fabrics after 1945 glow under the black light) - please look at the image (for compare I put on the last image armband which glow under a black lamp). Also the piece have an old smell that old authentic cloth keeps. The item is from a private museum "Jewish Memory". The owner of a museum wants to donate the items and to sell some of them. For some items particular information was missing. But we have some Jewish WW2 artifact with history and owners name - please ask about it - we will listing it on eBay. Some of them you can see now on our eBay store OrdersMedalsBadges. You will be surprised - the reserve price is very low. Original pictures. If you have any questions please e-mail us. Estimate price for this item is $900 - $950. This is very important example of the history. A very sad reminder of a very sad time, but nevertheless a real piece of Jewish history to teach your children or for the avid collector of these items. You will appreciate and respect these items as we do not want to forget what these people went through. As long as we keep the memory alive in these collectables, we will always honour the sacrifice. These items are perfect for education purposes or just adding to your display. Whatever the reason is these are very unique items. Show them to your friends, and help your children learn. Tahese items were used in history by those who were unwillingly subjected to the crewel world of War. MUSEUM grade item that puts a face on the Holocaust that any human being can grasp. I believe these items will remind everyone of that awful period of history.The items do not promote or glorify violence, racial or religious intolerance and are selling only for historical purpose to people who are interested in World history. The items will not be sent to the countries where they are not allowed to be sold or purchased.