Item Description



up for grabs is for   1 PIECE

100% ORIGINAL Genuine SONY VGP-AC19V25 AC Charger

Input: 100-240V~ 1.5A 50-60Hz
                    Output: 19.5VDC   4.7A
                    Weight: 0.95 lbs


        VGN-CR240N/B    VGN-CR290EAN    VGN-CR290EAP    VGN-CR290EAR      VGN-CR290EAW
        VGN-CR290EBW    VGN-CR350E/RC   VGN-CR490EBP    VGN-CR490ERN      VGN-CR590EBL
        VGN-CR590EBN    VGN-CR590EBP    VGN-CR590EBR    VGN-CR590EBT      VGN-CR590EBW
        VGN-CS190JTT    VGN-CS190JTW    VGN-CS290JEC    VGN-CS290JEP      VGN-CS290JEQ
        VGN-CS290JER    VGN-FW290JRB    VGN-FW290JTB    VGN-FW290JTH      VGN-FW290JTW
        VGN-FW378J/B    VGN-NS190J/S    VGN-NS190J/W    VGN-NS235J/L      VGN-NS235J/S
        VGN-NS235J/W    VGN-NS290J/S    VGN-SR290JTH    VGN-SR290JTT      VGN-SR290NTB
        VGN-SR390NAH    VGN-SZ281P/XK1  VGN-SZ330P/B    VGN-SZ370P/C      VGN-SZ390PW1
        VGN-SZ430N/B    VGN-SZ430N/C    VGN-SZ450N/C    VGN-SZ491N/X      VGN-SZ645PS
        VGN-SZ691N/X    VGN-SZ770N/C    VGN-AW235J/B
        VGN-Z540        VGN-Z590        VGN-Z590UAB     VGN-Z590NJB       VGN-Z570N/B 
        VGN-90HS, VGN-90NS, VGN-90S  VGN-190
        VGN-A11, VGN-A140B13C, VGN-A150, VGN-A15LP, VGN-A160, VGN-A17GP,
        VGN-A17LP, VGN-A190, VGN-A19GP,  VGN-A19LP, VGN-A2, VGN-A250,
        VGN-A290, VGN-A29GP, VGN-A29LP,  VGN-A497XP, VGN-A50B, VGN-A51PS,
        VGN-A51S, VGN-A59GP, VGN-A60B,   VGN-A60PS, VGN-A60S, VGN-A617,
        VGN-A617B, VGN-A61B, VGN-A62B,   VGN-A63, VGN-A690
        VGN-A70P, VGN-A70PS, VGN-A70S,   VGN-A71PS, VGN-A71S, VGN-A72PB,
        VGN-A72PS, VGN-A72S, VGN-A73PS,  VGN-A73S, VGN-A74PS, VGN-A74S
        VGN-AS33B, VGN-AS34B, VGN-AS53B,  VGN-AS53PS, VGN-AS53S, VGN-AS54B,
        VGN-AS54PS, VGN-AS54S
        VGN-BX94PS, VGN-BX96PS

        VGN-C140G, VGN-C25G, VGN-C25T/G,         VGN-C25T/H, VGN-C25T/W, VGN-C31GH/W,
        VGN-C50HA/W, VGN-C50HB/W, VGN-C51HA/W,   VGN-C51HB/W, VGN-C60HB/G, VGN-C60HB/H,
        VGN-C60HB/L, VGN-C60HB/P, VGN-C61HB/G,   VGN-C61HB/H, VGN-C61HB/L, VGN-C61HB/P,
        VGN-C70B/W, VGN-C71B/W, VGN-C90HS,       VGN-C90NS, VGN-C90S
        VGN-E50B/B, VGN-E50B/D, VGN-E50B/S,      VGN-E51B/D, VGN-E51B/S, VGN-E70B/B,
        VGN-E70B/S, VGN-E71B/G, VGN-E71B/S,      VGN-E72B/D, VGN-E72B/G, VGN-E72B/S,
        VGN-E81B/B, VGN-E91B/B, VGN-E92B/B
        VGN-N325EW, VGN-N37GH/B, VGN-N385EW,        VGN-N385NB, VGN-N50HB, VGN-N51B,
        VGN-N51HB, VGN-NR50, VGN-NR50B      
        VGN-S18GP, VGN-S28GP, VGN-S380,             VGN-S380B Professional, VGN-S38GP,
        VGN-S38GP/B, VGN-S38LP, VGN-S38LP/B,        VGN-S430P/S, VGN-S460/B, VGN-S460P/B,
        VGN-S46GP, VGN-S46GP/S, VGN-S470P/S,        VGN-S48GP/P, VGN-S48GPB, VGN-S53B/S,
        VGN-S54B/S, VGN-S54TP, VGN-S550P/S,         VGN-S55B/S, VGN-S560P/B, VGN-S56GP/B,
        VGN-S56GP/S, VGN-S56TP, VGN-S570P/S,        VGN-S57LP/B, VGN-S58GP, VGN-S58GP/B,
        VGN-S58TP, VGN-S67GP/S, VGN-S67LP/B,        VGN-S67TP/S, VGN-S72PB/B, VGN-S73PB/B,
        VGN-S92PS/S, VGN-S92PSY, VGN-S92PSY1,       VGN-S92PSY2, VGN-S92S/S, VGN-S93PS/S,
        VGN-S93PS1, VGN-S93PS2, VGN-S93PS3,         VGN-S93PSY, VGN-S93S/S, VGN-S94PS,

        VGN-CR13G, VGN-CR13G/B, VGN-CR13G/L,          VGN-CR13G/P, VGN-CR13G/R, VGN-CR13G/W,
        VGN-CR13T/L, VGN-CR13T/P, VGN-CR13T/R,        VGN-CR13T/W, VGN-CR131E/L VGN-CR120E/L,
        VGN-CR120E/P, VGN-CR120E/R,  VGN-CR120E/W,    VGN-CR125E/B  
        VGN-CR150E/B, VGN-CR190E/L, VGN-CR190E/P,     VGN-CR190E/R, VGN-CR190E/W, VGN-CR290EAL,
        VGN-CR290EAN, VGN-CR290EAP, VGN-CR290EAR,     VGN-CR290EAW, VGN-CR50B/W, VGN-CR60B/L,
        VGN-CR60B/P, VGN-CR60B/R, VGN-CR70B/W,        VGN-CR90HS, VGN-CR90NS, VGN-CR90S

        VGN-CS190,  VGN-CS190JTT,  VGN-CS190JTP       VGN-CS190EUP   VGN-CS190JTQ  VGN-CS190EUQ
        VGN-CS190JTR, VGN-CS190EUR, VGN-CS190JTW      VGN-CS190EUW
        VGN-FE18GP, VGN-FE18GP, VGN-FE20,           VGN-FE21/W, VGN-FE30B, VGN-FE31B/W,
        VGN-FE32B/W, VGN-FE32H/W, VGN-FE32HA/W,     VGN-FE32HB/W, VGN-FE33B/W, VGN-FE33H/W,
        VGN-FE33HB/W, VGN-FE41M, VGN-FE50B,         VGN-FE51B/H, VGN-FE52B/H, VGN-FE53B/W,
        VGN-FE53HB/W, VGN-FE890EB, VGN-FE890EG,     VGN-FE890ER, VGN-FE90PS, VGN-FE90S,
        VGN-FE91PS, VGN-FE91S, VGN-FE92HS,          VGN-FE92NS, VGN-FE92S
        VGN-FJ10B, VGN-FJ11/W, VGN-FJ11B/W,         VGN-FJ12/W, VGN-FJ12B/W, VGN-FJ170P/B,
        VGN-FJ180P/G, VGN-FJ180P/L, VGN-FJ180P/R,   VGN-FJ180P/W, VGN-FJ21B/G, VGN-FJ21B/L,
        VGN-FJ21B/R, VGN-FJ22B/G, VGN-FJ22B/L,      VGN-FJ22B/R, VGN-FJ57GP, VGN-FJ58GP,
        VGN-FJ90PS1, VGN-FJ90PS2, VGN-FJ90S,        VGN-FJ91PS, VGN-FJ91S, VGN-FJ92PS,
        VGN-FS15GP, VGN-FS15LP, VGN-FS18GP,         VGN-FS18LP, VGN-FS20, VGN-FS21,
        VGN-FS21B, VGN-FS22B, VGN-FS22VB,           VGN-FS23B, VGN-FS25GP, VGN-FS28GP,
        VGN-FS30B, VGN-FS31B, VGN-FS32B,            VGN-FS33B, VGN-FS35GP, VGN-FS38GP,
        VGN-FS48GP, VGN-FS48GP/B, VGN-FS500P12,     VGN-FS50B, VGN-FS51B, VGN-FS520B,
        VGN-FS52B, VGN-FS530B, VGN-FS53B,           VGN-FS540P, VGN-FS550, VGN-FS570,
        VGN-FS625B/W, VGN-FS630/W, VGN-FS635B/W,    VGN-FS640/W, VGN-FS645P/H, VGN-FS660/W,
        VGN-FS675P/H, VGN-FS680/W, VGN-FS70B,       VGN-FS71B, VGN-FS730/W, VGN-FS740/W,
        VGN-FS742/W, VGN-FS745P/H, VGN-FS750P/W,    VGN-FS760QW, VGN-FS775P/H, VGN-FS780/W,
        VGN-FS90PS, VGN-FS90S, VGN-FS91PS,          VGN-FS91PSY, VGN-FS91S, VGN-FS92PS,
        VGN-FS92PS1, VGN-FS92PS2, VGN-FS92PS3,      VGN-FS92PS6, VGN-FS92S
        VGN-FT50B, VGN-FT50B, VGN-FT90PS,           VGN-FT90S
        VGN-FZ130E/B, VGN-FZ140E, VGN-FZ140E/B,     VGN-FZ140N/B, VGN-FZ140QE, VGN-FZ15,
        VGN-FZ15G, VGN-FZ15T, VGN-FZ160E,           VGN-FZ160E/B, VGN-FZ17G, VGN-FZ180E,
        VGN-FZ180E/B, VGN-FZ180U/B, VGN-FZ18G,      VGN-FZ18T, VGN-FZ190E/1, VGN-FZ190E/2,
        VGN-FZ190N2, VGN-FZ190N3, VGN-FZ190N4,      VGN-FZ190N5, VGN-FZ250E/B, VGN-FZ280E/B,
        VGN-FZ285U/B, VGN-FZ50B, VGN-FZ70B,         VGN-FZ90HS, VGN-FZ90NS, VGN-FZ90S

        VGN-SR290, VGN-SR190, VGN-290JVB/C          VGN-220J/B,  VGN-290JTH,  VGN-290JTQ, VGN-290JTJ
        VGN-SZ13GP/B, VGN-SZ140, VGN-SZ15GP/B,      VGN-SZ18GP/C, VGN-SZ420NB, VGN-SZ433N/B,
        VGN-SZ436N/B, VGN-SZ476N/C, VGN-SZ483N/C,   VGN-SZ486N/C, VGN-SZ51B/B, VGN-SZ52B/B,
        VGN-SZ54B/B, VGN-SZ55GN/B, VGN-SZ56,        VGN-SZ561N, VGN-SZ562N, VGN-SZ56GN/B,
        VGN-SZ57N, VGN-SZ58GN, VGN-SZ58GN/C,        VGN-SZ58N, VGN-SZ640N/B, VGN-SZ650N/C,
        VGN-SZ660N/C, VGN-SZ670N/C, VGN-SZ680,      VGN-SZ691N/X, VGN-SZ70B, VGN-SZ70B/B,
        VGN-SZ71B/B, VGN-SZ72B/B, VGN-SZ73B/B,      VGN-SZ74B/B, VGN-SZ80PS, VGN-SZ80PS1A,
        VGN-SZ80PS2A, VGN-SZ80PS3A, VGN-SZ80S,      VGN-SZ81PS, VGN-SZ81S, VGN-SZ82PS,
        VGN-SZ82S, VGN-SZ83HS, VGN-SZ83NS,          VGN-SZ83S, VGN-SZ84NS, VGN-SZ84S,
        VGN-SZ84US, VGN-SZ90PS, VGN-SZ90S,          VGN-SZ91PS, VGN-SZ91S, VGN-SZ92PS,
        VGN-SZ92S, VGN-SZ93HS, VGN-SZ93NS,          VGN-SZ93S, VGN-SZ94NS, VGN-SZ94S,
        VGN-SZ94US,  VGN-SZ, VGN-SZ110,             VGN-SZ110/B, VGN-SZ110B, VGN-SZ120, VGN-SZ120P,
        VGN-SZ120P/B, VGN-SZ140, VGN-SZ140PC,       VGN-SZ140PD, VGN-SZ160, VGN-SZ160P, VGN-SZ160P/C,
        VGN-SZ170, VGN-SZ170P,   VGN-SZ170P/C,      VGN-SZ220, VGN-SZ220/B,  VGN-SZ220B,   VGN-SZ230,
        VGN-SZ230P/B, VGN-SZ270,  VGN-SZ270P/C,     VGN-SZ281, VGN-SZ281P/X
        VGN-FS500, VGN-FS500B, VGN-FS500P,          VGN-FS520B, VGN-FS530B, VGN-FS540P, VGN-FS550,
        VGN-FS550F, VGN-FS550P, VGN-FS570,          VGN-FS610FP, VGN-FS615F, VGN-FS620, VGN-FS620P,
        VGN-FS625B, VGN-FS630F, VGN-FS635B,         VGN-FS640, VGN-FS640FP, VGN-FS640Q, VGN-FS645P,
        VGN-FS650F, VGN-FS655FP, VGN-FS660,         VGN-FS660P, VGN-FS670FG, VGN-FS675P, VGN-FS680,
        VGN-FS690, VGN-FS690B, VGN-FS690P,          VGN-FS850P/W, VGN-FS850W, VGN-FS840/W, VGN-FS940,
        VGN-FS920, VGN-FS790, VGN-FS830/W,          VGM-FS8900P3, VGN-FS810/W, VGN-FS8900P4, VGN-FS890,
        VGN-FS8900P5, VGN-FS740/W, VGN-FS742/W,     VGN-FS750P/W, VGN-FS780/W, VGN-FS730/W, VGN-FS745P/H,
        VGN-FS745P/H,  VGN-FS680/W, VGN-FS715P/W,   VGN-FS630/W, VGN-FS760/W, VGN-FS770/W,
        VGN-FS660/W, VGN-FS8900V, VGN-FS875P/H,     VGN-FS875P/H, VGN-FS850P/W, VGN-FS660P/W, VGN-FS625B/W,
        VGN-FS635B/W, VGN-FS790, VGN-FS710/W,       VGN-FS775P/H, VGN-FS690
        VGN-FJ170/B, VGN-FJ170P/B, VGN-FJ180P/G,    VGN-FJ180P/L, VGN-FJ180P/R, VGN-FJ180P/W,
        VGN-FJ90S    VGN-FJ270/B,  VGN-FJ270P/B,    VGN-FJ170P/B,  VGN-FJ290P1/R, VGN-FJ290P1/W, VGN-FJ170
        VGN-FJ180,   VGN-FJ150/W,  VGN-FJ290,       VGN-FJ180, VGN-FJ290P1/G, VGN-FJ290P1/G, VGN-FJ290P1/L,

        VGN-BX541B VGN-BX543B VGN-BX546B VGN-FE590          VGN-FE590GC VGN-FE590PA VGN-FE590PB

        PCG-GRV7P, PCG-8A1N, PCG-8Q4L, PCG-GRZ20,           PCG-K66P, PCG-TR5GP, PCG-X18, PCG-X9, PCG-XE7,
        PCG-XG500, PCG-XG9,  PCG-ZRX90/P,   

        PCG-737, PCG-737/A4G, PCG-745, PCG-747,             PCG-748, PCG-766/BP, PCG-767, PCG-777/BP

        PCG-803, PCG-808, PCG-812,  PCG-818, PCG-838,        PCG-861/BP, PCG-862, PCG-862A, PCG-864,
        PCG-868, PCG-881/BP, PCG-883, PCG-883/BP, PCG-885,   PCG-887, PCG-887/BP, PCG-887/BP2, PCG-888

        PCG-F14/BP, PCG-F150, PCG-F16/BP,             PCG-F160, PCG-F180, PCG-F190,
        PCG-F20/BP2, PCG-F23/BP, PCG-F23/BP2,         PCG-F250, PCG-F26/BP, PCG-F26/BP2,
        PCG-F270, PCG-F280, PCG-F290,                 PCG-F304, PCG-F305, PCG-F309,
        PCG-F34/BP, PCG-F340, PCG-F350,               PCG-F36/BP, PCG-F360, PCG-F37/BP,
        PCG-F370, PCG-F390, PCG-F400,                 PCG-F403, PCG-F409/K, PCG-F50/BP,
        PCG-F50A/BP, PCG-F55/BP, PCG-F57/BP,          PCG-F59DK, PCG-F6/BP, PCG-F60/BP,
        PCG-F65/BP, PCG-F66/BPK, PCG-F660,            PCG-F70/BP, PCG-F701, PCG-F70A/BP,
        PCG-F75/BP, PCG-F76/BP, PCG-F79/BPK

        PCG-FR33, PCG-FR33/B, PCG-FR55/B,             PCG-FR55E, PCG-FR55E/B, PCG-FR700,
        PCG-FR720, PCG-FR77E/B

        PCG-FX11/BP, PCG-FX11G/BP, PCG-FX11J,         PCG-FX11S/BP, PCG-FX11V, PCG-FX11VA, 
        PCG-FX210, PCG-FX220, PCG-FX290,              PCG-FX290K, PCG-FX33G/BP, PCG-FX33S/BP,
        PCG-FX33V/BP, PCG-FX340, PCG-FX370,           PCG-FX390, PCG-FX50G/K, PCG-FX60G/K,
        PCG-FX90/BPK, PCG-FX90G/K, PCG-FX99V/BP

        PCG-FX55/BP, PCG-FX55A/BP, PCG-FX55G/BP,      PCG-FX55J/B, PCG-FX55S/BP, PCG-FX55V/BP,
        PCG-FX55Z/BP, PCG-FX55ZA

        PCG-FX77/BP, PCG-FX77G/BP, PCG-FX77S/BP,      PCG-FX77V/BP, PCG-FX77Z, PCG-FX77Z/BP

        PCG-FXA10, PCG-FXA32, PCG-FXA33,           PCG-FXA36, PCG-FXA47, PCG-FXA49,  PCG-FXA63

        PCG-GRS50/B, PCG-GRS500, PCG-GRS500/P,     PCG-GRS52V/P, PCG-GRS55/B, PCG-GRS70/P,
        PCG-GRS72V/P, PCG-GRS900, PCG-GRS900/P

        PCG-GRT40ZP, PCG-GRT55/B, PCG-GRT785E,     PCG-GRT786M

        PCG-GRX102/P, PCG-GRX3P, PCG-GRX51/BP,     PCG-GRX52G/B, PCG-GRX5P, PCG-GRX71,
        PCG-GRX72/P, PCG-GRX81G/P, PCG-GRX90/P,    PCG-GRX91G/P, PCG-GRX92G/P

        PCG-NV55/BP, PCG-NV55E/B, PCG-NV77M/BP,    PCG-NV90, PCG-NV90E, PCG-NV95EN,
        PCG-NV99E/B, PCG-NV99M/BP, PCG-NVR23


        PCG-R505, PCG-R505/ABD, PCG-R505/ABW,      PCG-R505/ASP, PCG-R505/BW, PCG-R505/SP,
        PCG-R505B/P, PCG-R505D, PCG-R505F/BD,      PCG-R505F/SP, PCG-R505FR, PCG-R505FR/D,
        PCG-R505J/BD, PCG-R505MP,PCG-R505Q/B,      PCG-R505Q/BD, PCG-R505R/AK, PCG-R505R/DK,
        PCG-R505R/GK, PCG-R505R/K, PCG-R505S/PD,   PCG-R505S/PS, PCG-R505TE, PCG-R505TFP,
        PCG-R505TL, PCG-R505TLK, PCG-R505TS,       PCG-R505V/BD, PCG-R505VF/K, PCG-R505VJ/K,
        PCG-R505VM/K, PCG-R505VM/P, PCG-R505W/P,   PCG-R505W/PD, PCG-R505X/P, PCG-R505X/PD

        PCG-XR1, PCG-XR100E/K, PCG-XR100F/K,       PCG-XR1E/BP, PCG-XR1F/BP, PCG-XR1G,

        PCG-XR7, PCG-XR7E/K, PCG-XR7F/K,           PCG-XR7G, PCG-XR7S, PCG-XR7Z/BP,  PCG-XR7Z/K


        PCG-Z505C/BP, PCG-Z505CR/K, PCG-Z505CR/P,      PCG-Z505DRK, PCG-Z505FA, PCG-Z505G/BP,
        PCG-Z505G/BP, PCG-Z505GR/K, PCG-Z505N/BP,      PCG-Z505NR, PCG-Z505V/BP, PCG-Z505V/BW,  

        VGC-LA38G, VGC-LA38T, VGC-LJ50B/B,             VGC-LJ50B/P, VGC-LJ50B/W, VGC-LJ50DB/W,
        VGC-LJ90HS, VGC-LJ90S

  • ITEM comes with 180 days warranty;
  • Verify model compatibility prior to bidding;
  • If the product received is not as DESCRIBED, a replacement will be issued;


  • We WARMLY appreciate your positive feedback and our system will leave positive feedback for you after complete transaction.
  • We value our customers so that if you have a problem ,PLEASE FEEL FREE and  DON'T HESITATE  TO GIVE US A RING OR CONTACT US BY EMAIL  IMMEDIATEDLY, we are always there  to offer help.


We accept payment through PayPal .for any other payment method,please contact us before bidding.  For purchasing multiple items,  Please email us for a combined invoice . Generally we would like to receive payment within 48 hours if paying by PayPal.  We will not ship items until payment is received / cleared. Thank you for your understanding.


 Most items are shipped by postal airmail service within the next 24 hours after received payment. When you buy multiple items that close on the same day, your shipping cost will be combined with discount.  We ship worldwide.

Air Shipping Fees + Packaging&Materials + Handling fees =  $FREE [  suitable for worldwide, the shippment normally takes up to 7-15 buesiness days,holidays&weekends are not inculded  ]
SHIPPING   TIME (weekends/holidays   excluded)
Country   Name Shipping   Time Country   Name Shipping   Time
USA/Canada 10 -16d Spanish/Portugue 15-25d
 East/South   Asia 10 -16d France/West  Asia 15-25d
United   Kingdom 10-16d Italy 15-30d
Australia/New  Zealand 10-16d West   Asia/Middle   East 15-25d
Most   Country   of   West/North   Europe 10-20d South   America   and   Africa 15-30d
East  /Middle   Europe/Russia 10-25d
Remark:1,The   actual   shipping   time   is   determined   to   local   custom   and   post   service;
   2,China  mainland  and  Hongkong  will  not  be  send  to.


How do I get an invoice with combined shipping for multiple items?

You can use the Ebay checkout for each item, bid or use Buy It Now. When all of the items you are bidding on have ended, e-mail us and we will send you a combined invoice.

- Do you charge any additional tax?

No additional taxes or fees are charged for international buyers.

- Do you offer express shipping?

NO, we only offer Airpost Service [ same as the USPS ] Shipping method.

- Duty and brokerage charges?

We are not responsible for any duty, tax or brokerage charged by your country.

- My package has still not arrived ?

Make sure you have read the shipping details to determine expected delivery time frame. If your item has still not arrived within this time, then email us. Delivery estimates are in business days and do not include weekends and holidays.

- My item was damaged in shipping?

Our parts are carefully packaged to prevent damage in shipping. However, IF the insurance is not covered/paid , we are not responsible for any damage.