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Genghis Khan Color Widescreen /1965 Omar Sharif,
Stephen Boyd - DVD

SYNOPSIS: Young Prince Temujin
witnesses the execution of his father, a Mongol chieftain, by the
warlike Merkit Mongol leader Jamuga, who forces Temujin to wear a
wooden yoke and enslaves his people. Growing to manhood, Temujin
escapes into the mountains accompanied by Sengal, a Negro mute, and
Geen, a wise man. He abducts Jamuga's betrothed, Princess Bortei,
who becomes his devoted wife, and her brothers become his
lieutenants as he gathers an army in order someday to unite the
warring Mongols. Recaptured by Jamuga, the princess is raped and
branded before she is rescued by Temujin, who sets out with his
forces toward China.

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