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Genesis - The Lamb Live Down on Broadway Live 1975

NTSC All region DVD -
Playable worldwide, not region coded.
Audio : PMC stéreo

This is a full-length reconstruction of the explosive live show
: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, using a mixture of amateur and
proshot video footage interspersed with still photos.
The audio is synchronized using an excellent live soundboard
recording of the complete show from West Palm Beach recorded in
January 10th 1975 (not the same used in Genesis Archive 67/75 cd
box set) .
The audio is excellent, video is very good.

Tracklist :

01. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 02. Fly On A Windshield 03.
Broadway Melody Of 1974 04. Cuckoo Cocoon 05. In The Cage 06.The
Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 07. Story of Rael 08. Back In
N.Y.C. 09. Hairless Heart 10. Counting Out Time 11. Carpet Crawlers
12. Lilywhite Lilith 13. The Waiting Room 14. Anyway 15. Here Comes
The Supernatural Anaesthetist 16. The Lamia 17. Silent Sorrow In
Empty Boats 18. The Colony Of Slippermen> The Arrival> A
Visit to the Doktor> The Raven 19. The Light Dies Down On
Broadway 20. Riding The Scree 21. In The Rapids 22. It 23. The
Musical Box 24. Watcher of The Skies / Credits

Running time : 76 min.