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(Also a dvd-r is a blank dvd that has been recorded onto for
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point those things out first...

21 DVD edits of all Lucky & Liz's scenes from Rebecca Herbst's first appearance as Liz in August 1997 up until Lucky's death & Jonthan Jackson leaves the show in May 1999. DVD's are good quality, keep in mind they are from original broadcast airings originally recorded on VHS & transferred to DVD years later. There was no DVR, DVD recorders or HD-TV back then LOL

Discs are on dvd-r's and will ship in paper sleeves with no
artwork & ship by media mail unless you want faster shipping,
just let me know & I can let you know the cost.

I do NOT use delivery confirmation or tracking
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I also have other TV series
available for sale or trade I prefer comedies from the 80s
and 90s.
II have some of the following shows: Three's Company, Golden
Girls, ALF, Brady Bunch, Married With Children, Just The Ten of Us, Laverne & Shirley, Happy Days, The Betty White Show,
Cosby Show S 1-4, Hotel Season 1,
Knots Landing Season 1, Empty Nest, Sisters, Life Goes On, Punky
Brewster Season 1, Growing Pains complete plus movies, Taxi, Gimme
A Break, Three's A Crowd, The Ropers, Sister Sister, Good Morning
Miss Bliss, Facts of Life plus reunion movies, Step By Step, 3rd
Rock From The Sun, Mork & Mindy S 1 &2, Anything But Love,
Murphy Brown S1, Hot in Cleveland S1 &2, Family Ties, Knight Rider
S1-3, Mystery Science Theatre S1-6, Golden Palace, Samantha Who,
Ugly Betty S1&2, Dallas S1&2, Charles In Charge S1,
Saved By The Bell, Too Close For Comfort, Brotherly Love, Perfect
Strangers, Freddie, Suite Life of Zack & Cody S 1-3, Home Improvement Seasons 1-5, Family Matters
Season 1, Coach Seasons 1-3, Who's The Boss, Raising Dad,, My Two
Dads, The Powers That Be, Doogie Howser, MD Boy Meets World, What I Like About You, Clarissa Explains It All Season 1, Last Man Standing, Full
House, Dynasty, The Colby's, Beverly Hills 90210 - a few seasons,
Models, Inc, General Hospital, some Saturday Night Live from 92-96
and more
Let me know what you have or if you don't have anything to
trade, let me know if you're interested & I'll list it, but I'm
not going to list any unless someone shows interest in them.