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Sapphire Plug-ins - is a package of more than 220 plug-ins for image processing and synthesis, divided into several categories: illumination, stylization, distortion, sharpening, transition effects, etc. Each addition has a set of parameters that can be animated, so the number of effects that can be obtained by using plug-ins, increased many times over. Add breathtaking realism to your comps in record time - without trading quality
Using Sapphire 5’s 200+ visual effects plug-ins, artists will now be able to add superb, high-quality realism to their comps faster than ever before, buying crucial additional time to finesse their shots. We’ve been carefully crafting the world’s finest visual effects for over 13 years, and that excellence has made Sapphire the industry standard plug-ins for the most discerning artists and editors.

When you can’t afford to compromise on quality or productivity, Sapphire will be there for you. Always reliable, always backward compatible, Sapphire is packed with incredibly organic effects including glows, edge rays, lightning and film effects and features unrivaled image quality and legendary usability. Sapphire 5 is now GPU accelerated to give artists a fully interactive experience - even in high def - while floating point support offers the highest dynamic range and image quality possible.

Comprehensive Suite of Effects
Sapphire 5 is a suite of more than 200 industry-standard visual effects plug-ins, including the world's best Lighting, Adjust, Blur/Sharpen, Composite, Distort, Stylize and Texture tools to add unparalleled realism to any comp.

Greater Creativity
Sapphire 5 delivers full floating point support that provides the highest image quality possible in each Sapphire effect to enable a level of creativity that sets your work apart from your competitors'.

Enhanced Productivity
Sapphire 5 provides GPU acceleration as well as advanced CPU optimizations for lightning-fast render speeds and full interactivity at HD resolutions.

Sapphire 5 for Nuke/OFX details:
* Over 220 must-have effects, each with many options and parameters that can be adjusted and animated for an unlimited range of effects.
* Sapphire 5 uses full floating point for all internal processing, improving quality for many effects.
* The Sapphire 5 upgrade includes 15 new effects such as TVDamage, TVChannelChange, Technicolor and many new transitions. Go here for the full list of new effects.
* GPU enabled for fastest render speeds. NVidia GeForce 200 or 400 series or QuadroFX 5800 graphics card required for maximum performance, but no GPU is required; CPU renders are 100% compatible and very fast. Visit our support page for more information.

Compatibility Matrix:
The Foundry Nuke: 5.0 or greater
Eyeon Fusion: 5.2 or greater
Eyeon Fusion64: any version
FilmLight Baselight: 3.3 or greater
Digital Vision Film Master: 3.6 or greater
Assimilate Scratch: 5.0 or greater
SGO Mistika: 4.0 or greater
Autodesk Toxik: 2008 SP1 or greater

Turbocharge Your Workflow
Sapphire 5 for Nuke and other OFX applications features significant performance enhancements with GPU acceleration and floating point support, providing far faster render speeds, far greater interactivity and the highest image quality available.

* Most effects are GPU-accelerated to provide performance enhancements. NVidia GeForce 200 or 400 series or QuadroFX 5800 graphics card required for maximum performance. Visit our support page for more information.
* Floating point support for amazing image quality and maximum dynamic range.

New Effects
* TVDamage simulates various artifacts of television broadcast and display such as static, ghosting, interference, and more.
* TVChannelChange performs a transition by simulating a channel change on an old television set.
* Technicolor2Strip simulates a Technicolor 2-strip film process to give the look of 1930s Technicolor film.
* Technicolor3Strip simulates a Technicolor 3-strip film process to give the look of 1935-1955 Technicolor film.
* Swish3D dissolves between two input clips while performing 3D moves on each.
* WipePlasma transitions between two input clips using a moving plasma texture.
* WipePointalize wipes by adding random polygon brush shapes from one clip onto another.
* WipeWeave transitions using a texture resembling woven strands.
* WipeMoire transitions using a pattern of overlapping concentric rings.
* DissolveLensFlare transitions between two clips using an animated lens flare.
* DissolveEdgeRays transitions between two clips while applying beams of light from the image edges.
* DissolveGlint transitions between two clips while applying a star shaped glint effect.
* DissolveGlintRainbow transitions between two clips while applying a star shaped glint rainbow effect.
* DissolveDefocus dissolves between two clips while defocusing/focusing each.
* DissolveTiles transitions between two input clips by shifting tile shaped sections of each.
* DissolveDistort interpolates between two clips while distorting each using the other as a lens.

New Features and Parameters:
* All effects use floating point processing for improved image quality and HDR support.
* Sapphire can now fully process 32-bit HDR floating point footage with no clamping.
* GPU acceleration improves performance for many effects.
* All threshold controls now go beyond 1 to support HDR.
* Param limits are widened for ShowBadColors to support HDR.
* Z Defocus and Z Convolve now have Boost Highlights.
* Glint and Glare have new Blur, Hue Shift, and Invert Matte parameters.
* Glow has new Show Threshold, Invert Matte, and Combine parameters.
* LensFlare has a new Glint Rays Lens
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