Item Information
Estimated Shipping 5 - 10 Days
Item Description
You are bidding on the above listed PROXY card(s).
The cards you are bidding on are NOT real Magic the Gathering cards and are not legal to play in sanctioned tournaments.
However, these cards are perfect for play testing, Cubes, EDH (Commander) and just fun decks in general!
The PROXIES you will receive are extremely well done.
Each PROXY is made by hand with extreme care through a rather long and involved process.
What you end up with at the end of this process is an extremely real looking and feeling PROXY. Each PROXY is made with a real Magic the Gathering card backing to create enough thickness and rigidity to fully emulate the feel and look of a normal Magic the Gathering Card.
Many of my Original Art cards have been played without anyone even noticing that they are not the real thing. These are extremely high quality proxy cards.
How the process works.
1. You choose to order the above listed cards.
2. Payment is made via Paypal.
3. Once I receive payment from you I begin making your cards.
4. Your order will be created and shipped with a tracking # (inside the USA only!) within 7 BUSINESS days. The turn around time is 7 Business days whether you order 1 card or 100 cards (this is a printing time issue)
5. We do ship outside of the USA but only on a "Make an Offer" basis. Shipping rates for the USPS have recently changed and we have multiple options for out of country buyers!.
If your have any questions feel free to ask. We look forward to working with you.